Why all the hate toward Amazon?

Thomson Reuters hswb27
Oct 17 16 Comments

I’m not from the bay area so may be a bit naive so can someone please enlighten me why people trash amazon here all the time?
I consider amazon an innovative company. AWS was as innovative as iPhone and continues to innovate.

When you reference amazon do you mean just the ecommerce company or am I missing something here?


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  • Microsoft


    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    They pay low, have crap benefits, don’t care about their people. At all.
    Oct 17 5
    • New York Life Insurance / Data dposx22
      I just got a job at Amazon and they doubled my salary. Don’t think they pay low at all
      Oct 17
    • Amazon broke&dumb
      Your baseline is New York Life Insurance. Doesn't count.
      Oct 17
    • Amazon sPIE23
      Exactly. They pay just enough to avoid mass exodus from top talent
      Oct 17
    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Oct 17
    • Microsoft knsgdye
      @broke&dumb: savage πŸ˜€
      Oct 17
  • Google ppeC15
    Amazon is great to customers and shareholders. Amazon is not so great to employees. Most people trash amazon because of the last thing, not the first 2.
    Oct 17 1
    • Indeed r2dto
      Leaders focus on the key inputs for their business and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion. Despite setbacks, they rise to the occasion and never settle. 🍌🍌🍌🍌
      Oct 17
  • Oscar
    🐨 🐨 🐨🐨


    I am a Koala. DM me if you want to cuddle.
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    They only have bananas. No eggplants πŸ†.
    Oct 17 0
  • Amazon / Mgmt N8rh4a
    Amazon likes to burn out employees and doesn’t give the high TC to soothe the pain.
    Oct 17 0
  • Morgan Stanley anony101
    @OP how do you find Thomson Reuters? TC and location?
    Oct 17 1
    • Thomson Reuters hswb27
      Would stay away. Not what it used to be. The acquisitions and sale over the last 10+ years has created nothing but panic and low productivity. I’ve done relatively good. TC ~200. Used to live in NYC but now remote in Phoenix. ~15 yoe all with TR.
      Oct 17
  • Snapchat / Field Ops 2p2yQB
    Oct 17 0
  • Egencia dddd01
    Noone force you to stay at amazon. Go somewhere then. I make little money here but I have work life balance !!!
    Oct 17 0
  • Amazon AWS-Engr
    I think Amazon is known to be great to customers and basically anyone who sees the company externally. Internally, some teams/orgs are a mess and there's lots of politics because the bar is low.

    That being said I love Amazon and I've definitely grown a lot here. Pay is nothing crazy (still competitive) but I'm also not a TC chaser.
    Oct 17 0
  • WeWork RPvk36
    Salty hipsters
    Oct 17 0


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