Why are you looking for a new role ? (For software engineers)

Oct 23 7 Comments

This question gets annoying sometimes. How do u answer it as a Software Engineer ?

Should u state specifically why and be honest ? A friend of mine said "never say ANYTHING negative about your current role". His recruiter stated in the feedback "negative comments about current role" which may have been a red flag. He interviewed with Workday.

TC: 135
YOE: 1.5


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  • Capital One RichFB
    Say something along the line of u want more leadership role, expand ur tech stack skills or hungry to grow. Honestly this question doesnโ€™t matter much as long as u donโ€™t say something ridiculous like higher TC lol
    Oct 23 2
    • Axtria racers
      So anything but the truth
      Oct 23
    • Capital One RichFB
      If the truth is higher TC then yes anything but the truth.
      Oct 23
  • Samsung tipsycode
    Pure TC
    Oct 23 0
  • Talk about what excites you in your potential new role. Your friend is right about not say things negative. Even if the situation is fucked up you need to show your positive side/contribution.
    Oct 23 0
  • eBay / Eng succession
    Oct 23 0
  • Cohesity RandomXYZ
    This question is nonsense, IMHO.
    Oct 23 0


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