Why does salesforce interviewers decide to forward you to other teams ?

Oct 22 6 Comments

So I just got rejected from Salesforce.
And I thought I did well. But didn't expect a straight up rejection. And I heard that Salesforce forwards profiles to other teams if needed.

How and why do they make that decision if they want to forward the profile to other teams or not ?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Roku cruella
    When u do well but not well enough.

    Or when they hate the other team.
    Oct 22 1
    • Salesforce
      That's not true. I sent a candidate to another (related) team before because they performed really well with us but didn't seem like they'd be as fulfilled on my team.
      Oct 22
  • Microsoft cwwy13hhg
    I have an interview with Salesforce coming up. DM’d you
    Nov 30 0
  • Intuit lllq
    We do this too. Lack of headcount (somebody might have just accepted an offer for the particular team interviewed for), mismatch of skills/strengths needed for a particular team, mismatch on level of experience required for the role (and maybe other teams have more capacity to do on the job training).
    Oct 22 0
  • Salesforce hususuh
    Might happen if multiple candidates performed well, but only one (or removed) headcount on interviewing team
    Oct 22 0
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    Sometimes your personality doesn't look like a good fit for that group or you look like someone's ex or something benign like that.
    Oct 22 0


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