Why is google cloud still lagging behind aws and azure.

VMware tumbbad
Oct 9 20 Comments

As far as i know, they have the best infrastructure. One of the first to start containers, sdn. Etc. Then why do customers choose aws over gcp. Their pricing is also pretty cheap.


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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Because AWS actually cares about its customers.
    Oct 9 3
    • Amazon broke&dumb
      Oct 9
    • Microsoft doherinda2
      If only they cared about their employees, am I right broke&dumb ? Facebook guy up there has no idea AWS screws their customers to make up for their prices on Amazon.com obviously
      Oct 9
    • T-Mobile Friday due
      I spoke to the Google cloud sales folk...and they sound pushy...tell us about your stack. We'll get you competitive prices. Google cloud wasn't there when you got aws. Good prices ..
      Oct 9
  • OfferUp / Product L1754
    Because Google is not strong with Enterprise products and building relationships with large enterprises. Atleast not as well as Amazon and Microsoft.

    Cloud is adopted by large organizations but Google cloud can not beat Azure and AWS that have way too many features and support options.
    Oct 9 1
    • Datometry / Eng LangEr
      ^ This !
      Oct 9
  • Amazon broke&dumb
    It's only a matter of time before gcp starts dominating
    Oct 9 1
    • Google topCon
      Lol. I love the sarcasm
      Oct 9
  • Google / Eng batmobile
    good engineering != good product
    Oct 9 0
  • Airbnb valhala
    stronger tech doesn’t necessarily mean more adoption especially in enterprise level. Customer support and obsession is much more important and Google lacks that by a mile compared to aws/azure. I don’t see it changing soon.
    Oct 9 0
  • Amazon protonn
    For starters, if Google themselves start using GCP. Then there is chance it changes things. Until then...
    Oct 9 0
  • Oracle albumiafu
    Because G comes alphabetically later than AWS and Azure. OCI comes below G.
    Oct 9 1
    • Amazon protonn
      This guy has nailed it.
      Oct 9
  • Schonfeld / Eng

    Schonfeld Eng

    Intel, morganstanley, citadel, etrade
    coding monkey
    Unless Google has a materially better products, no big/serious clients will risk switching over and dealing with potential production outages
    Oct 9 1
  • Microsoft AbYK56
    One of these companies has a terrible reputation for privacy, the other two don’t.
    Oct 9 0
  • New / IT

    New IT

    VCP-DCV, CCNA, AWS Solution Architect, MCSE
    Yeah but Google Assistant though....
    Oct 9 0
  • Microsoft / Eng .,
    Unlike Amazon and Azure, Google is far from being all in on Cloud and customers know it.
    Oct 9 0
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Their product is inconvenient and fells like afterthought
    Oct 9 0
  • Microsoft xIdC37
    I don’t think I ever see google cloud come up as a consideration. I imagine googles strategy is different from AWS or Azure
    Oct 9 0


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