Will FAANG Pay off another company's relocation?

General Motors fcEiMK3Gwb
Feb 9 5 Comments

My company paid for my relocation but I'll have to pay it back if I leave before a certain amount of time. Would a FAANG company pay this off for me as apart of a sign on bonus?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google rjPi28
    You can use that as a justification for a higher signing bonus a lot of times.
    Feb 9 1
    • Google JqBx48
      I did that with Google and they gave a sign-on. Later, I didn't have to pay back Amazon. No one asked.
      Feb 9
  • Facebook ssst7
    Yes they do. It’s part of negotiations and FAANG can increase sing on bonus to compensate for relocation paid for by another company.
    Feb 9 0
  • Microsoft UeuR40
    Amazon is making me pay mine back. Google doubled my equity offer. So I can pay it off with my first vest.
    Feb 9 0
  • Google / Eng Pfjhebs
    Often they don't ask for relocation or sign on back from what I hear, but you should ask for increased sign on in case
    Feb 9 0