Willingly spend more $ on rent?

Google Herio
Feb 7 16 Comments

I've been saving $$$ living in a room less than $1000 m/o, but need some more space.

Would you willingly pay $500 more for a bigger room? Or stay and save?

Can't seem to justify the cost, but need to spread out.

Old room 7x10
New room 15x21


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Amazon / Eng Ham Sup Lo
    You work at Google. Why are you living like a pauper?
    Feb 7 2
    • Google Herio
      I've preferred to spend my money on travel, experiences, classes.
      Feb 7
    • Amazon VEoy51
      Good for you, I can’t criticize someone paying less than $1k/mo in rent, let alone in the Bay Area.
      Feb 7
  • New b37
    I'd pay more to be closer to work. Those minutes lost to commuting add up. Live near work and enjoy life!
    Feb 7 3
    • Oath bYSQ03
      ymmv. I like to live a little distance away so that I can catch up on some reading. I find it very hard to do when I’m at home
      Feb 7
    • General Motors / Eng

      General Motors Eng

      Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Motors
      Full stack developer with 6+ years of experience. I enjoy problem-solving, learning, and knowledge sharing.
      Go to Starbucks
      Feb 7
    • New b37
      @bYSQ03 - where I work the trains are so packed that it's hard to get any reading done. When I lived close enough to ride a bike, it was perfect!
      Feb 8
  • eBay Michael12
    The place where one spend more than 50% of time deserve whatever it takes .., of course up till your maximum affordability. Saving for vacations, entertainment make sense but how much time one spend on such thngs , 1 month / 2 month in a year ? Remaining 10 months are spent in place where you live .., it should be as luxurious as one can afford.. the other claim is saving for future ... Certainly should do that but not at the cost of significantly sacrificing your current ... No one knows how much you live, if you live enough long, could you enjoy the savings you are doing now at the cost of stretching your current...!!!
    Feb 7 0
  • Microsoft nodaddy
    If TC allows, then go for it. I was also spending way less than 1K, now I pay the average Seattle rent. Your Google fellows are surely paying more than that. Also to me it was a reason to get other sources of income, that way I never really have a dip in total earnings
    Feb 7 0
  • Tesla / Eng Tesl@
    Should depend on your income(base pay, no bonus or RSUs) and other expenses/savings/luxuries you plan for.
    Feb 7 0
  • Oath Supremist
    What’s your TC?
    Feb 7 0
  • Facebook public2
    Feb 7 0
  • Microsoft ThxObama
    Buy a camper like that guy and live in parking lot?
    Feb 7 0
  • New dluz61
    Yes. I lived in a beautiful apartment with an under 1k room for nearly two years before my roommates and I couldn't deal with the landlady or her niece (who she moved into the place)'s bullshit and found a different place for an extra $500 each. Have never regretted it. But tbf, the initial savings from the cheap place helped a lot.
    Feb 7 0
  • Databricks Gkahcs
    If your future room would still be under 25-30% *net* monthly income, yes, not a big deal. My word of caution is to not fill your new space with more unnecessary stuff. You will be tempted.
    Feb 7 0
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    I would buy.
    Feb 7 0