Women, how are you dealing with hair loss

Expedia shy
Feb 2 15 Comments

I’m asking only women. Anyone tried hair transplant? I’m loosing so much hair from past 6 months and I’m worried I will go bald soon. Any tips ?


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  • Microsoft Larry Pаge
    1. Are you nursing/pregnant? If yes, it's normal, and will pass.
    2. If not, see your doctor. Hair loss is a symptom, not cause. They would help you to target the reason, and you won't have to rub in all sort of crap in your skin with a hope that it might help.

    In my case, I tend to have low iron levels, so I make sure I eat my daily norm of it.
    Feb 23
    • Expedia shy
      I wasn’t satisfied with doctor visit. Without checking my iron levels or anything she simply told me that it can be genetic
      Feb 2
    • Cerner kerner
      Agree with LP. It’s a result of something else. Seek out a functional medicine doctor / nutritionist specifically. Most MDs aren’t trained / motivated to truly find the root cause. Hence overprescription epidemic.
      Feb 2
    • Microsoft Larry Pаge
      @shy, yeah. Whenever I go see a doctor here, no matter what my problem is, they always either suggest to rest and drink a lot of water or blame genes.

      Ask for recommendations or do a research on good doctors in your area, otherwise it's a waste of time.
      Feb 2
  • Allytics / Mktg


    See another doctor. Could be a problem with your thyroid, too
    Feb 20
  • Intel esew61
    Hot water showers tend to increase hair loss. Dryness during winter months could be another reason. I would suggest you to go natural. Oil massages, eating healthy, use natural products for the hair etc. Something that's worked for me - wear conditioning cap at night to retain moisture and have healthy hair. And most importantly, reduce stress and get good sleep. Finally, if you think none of this is going to help, I would suggest hair extensions/wigs. There are lot of good looking options, according to me.
    Feb 20
  • Tektronix / Sales


    Feb 21
  • Google / Eng


    Try ceranique shampoo. And agree try different doctors
    Feb 20
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  • Google nXzp52
    I’m getting hair extensions. I don’t have as much hair as when I was 14. I kinda miss that.
    Feb 20
  • Intel movaxbx
    Drano to clean the monthly clogs
    Feb 20
  • Amazon / Engtylium
    Are you protein deficient
    Feb 21
    • Expedia shy
      No. I got that tested and looks good
      Feb 3
  • Microsoft menu
    Taking Viviscal twice a day
    Feb 20

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