Work life balance/culture at Snap Seattle

Microsoft JsCH70
Aug 11, 2017 16 Comments

Hi Snap engineers,

I'm considering joining Snap in Seattle. How is work life balance and culture in general? Would love to get some insights before making my decision.



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  • Snapchat gm179
    Seattle office is most Amazon'ers. They're smart and hard-workers. They have a good team dynamic and I sense from snaps that they have a pretty good work life balance (meaning that while they work past 40+ hours, when they're not working they're well checked out). They have a bit of friction with the mothership due to ideological engineering differences but they're generally on the right side of arguments. But TLDR coworker wise, they're good coworkers to have.
    Aug 11, 2017 8
    • Snapchat gm179
      Not required, attendance varies widely week to week, office to office
      Aug 11, 2017
    • Microsoft JsCH70
      Thanks! Also I'm expecting level 2 offer. Any idea what I'm looking at with base and rsus?
      Aug 11, 2017
    • What's level 2? Any mapping ti known companies (fb, google, amazon)
      Aug 11, 2017
    • Snapchat / Eng Dtbz76
      Junior levels here don't map as well, but for a new grad starting here, it's expected that they get promoted to L2 within their first year, and then get promoted to L3 by the end of their second year/a little bit after that.
      Aug 15, 2017
    • Snapchat mumpakia
      Haven't attended council in 1.5 years. Nobody cares
      Dec 13, 2017
  • Google smoothie
    Well stock is tanking, so it may be a good time before it jumps back up like FB did /s
    Aug 11, 2017 2
    • Microsoft JsCH70
      Stock price aside, I wanted to know what's like working in the Seattle office as an engineer right now
      Aug 11, 2017
    • New


      Amazon, Microsoft
      If it's tanking in a tech bubble it's not coming back. 😂
      Aug 11, 2017
  • Microsoft try{}catch
    Do you mind sharing your level and offer details at snap?
    Aug 11, 2017 1
    • Microsoft JsCH70
      Software engineer 2. I haven't seen the numbers though
      Aug 11, 2017
  • Snapchat squad
    All of our satellite offices are very relaxed (the ones I have been to), often times you see people packing up to go home much earlier than in our HQ.
    Aug 22, 2017 0
  • Snapchat gm179
    Sorry I am unfamiliar with our latest offers or how a lvl2 maps to other companies
    Aug 11, 2017 0


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