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Jul 25 3 Comments

What's the interview experience for a UI role at workday like ? I am trying to be a fullstack developer with minimal UI experience.


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  • Workday WdayLady
    There are also full stack roles in Prism Workday Analytics. You need some UI exposure, not necessarily an expertise on that front. We just look for good software engineers in general. The newer UI is in React, backend is Java and Xpresso
    Jul 31 0
  • Workday rich.dryer
    UI roll? Do you mean in the UI Platform org? You do not need to have UI experience to join. Make sure that you know your Java.
    Jul 25 0
  • Workday dbfm
    Is it OMS UI? If so there I think it's more Java than client side stuff but I could be wrong. The reason why is that our business logic is mostly written in our proprietary language (xo) so OMS UI writes the logic that translates xo into xml to be consumed by the UI servers.

    That said I don't know if they are responsible for how it gets rendered in the browser. I do know we have separate teams though for mobile devices.
    Jul 25 0


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