Working at Twitch?

Pocket Gems IqOa27
Jun 18 5 Comments

What’s it like? How’s the culture? Is it a good place for women to work?


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  • Twitch / Design Sardines
    Dude, one of your pms just came from twitch. Just ask her. She's also a female
    Jun 18 1
    • Facebook


      ^ this
      Jun 20
  • Twitch YouWotM8
    It depends on your team. I know of women who quit, got fired, or switched teams because it was a boys club.
    Jun 19 0
  • Qualtrics I'm dun
    It depends where you're at. When I interviewed, I was told the culture was shifting a lot due to Amazon and there was a lot of turnover. I declined
    Jun 18 0
  • New KaliCal
    It's depends on the team. If you are into gaming and know your stuff will be respected for it but you will also threaten others who aren't (surprisingly huge Twitch employee population not actually gamers or enjoy it themselves) but overall I would say its not very woman or minority friendly. Lots of EEOC violations that they sweep under the rug, if you try to get them held to task they will fire you but give you a big enough severance you decline to sue. Seen it happen.
    Jun 21 0