amazon sde interview

IBM KvYj18
Apr 23 6 Comments

I have sde 1 interview next to prepare for leadership principles?


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  • Amazon zmrR08
    Read them, you can find on google.

    See if you can describe using them with the STAR format. Situation (what was the problem), Task (goal you were working towards), Actions (what YOU did), Results (what was the outcome).

    Practice with someone who will be honest with you about if they think you are demonstrating each leadership principle, and how good of an example they think it is.
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  • Citrix Systems / Eng peda
    Apr 23 1
  • Leadership principles... Is that a standard part of the Amazon loop?
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  • Ascension Health / Eng

    Ascension Health Eng

    Practice saying demeaning comments #amazonstyle
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