automation in finance / investment ops

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i'm thinking about joining a startup that does document automation for financial services companies. theyre just 4 people right now, and in some ways competes with rpa vendors like instabase, but ultimately sell to non-technical users. they think they can take pdfs with client performance data / reports and automate copy and paste workflows from there. the tech is cool and how they apply machine learning is also neat, but just not sure how big the actual problem is.

company is in NYC and called Alkymi (


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  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    How is this exciting?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dumping on their business model or prospects. I just don’t see how it is exciting to its employees.
    Nov 4 1
    • OP
      Good point. I think it's doing something that's hard -- transforming data from PDFs to something more usable. Boring, but hard and potentially lucrative.
      Nov 4


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