automotive engineering to consulting

General Motors Fwhm78
Nov 12 4 Comments

I’ve had very wide ranging engineering career at General Motors.(engine controls, electrification, business manager, cybersecurity) computer engineering undergrad, MSF, MBA, engineering masters. 12 yoe. make 140k base

I think that a consulting postition at a place like PWC would be something I would really enjoy and excel at, but looking at saaries on glassdoor im worried i would need to take a pay cut to make the jump.

Any thoughts on this type of transition?



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  • New deflow
    Umm... What does PwC has to do with cars? I thought they do taxes?
    Nov 12 1
    • General Motors Fwhm78
      They have a wide ranging consulting practice in addition to the tax and audit parts of the company.
      Nov 12
  • Postmates vEeU14
    You could make a comparable salary at PwC assuming that you get hired in at the Director level and you are decent at selling yourself to clients. The potential to exceed your current comp level certainly exists too. It really just depends on how good you are at whoring yourself out. Oh and of course how willing you are to give up the notion of personal/family time completely. PwC is a great fit for some people and a terrible fit for others. You gotta know yourself well to be able to tell which group you're gonna fall into BEFORE you move over. Good luck
    Nov 12 0
  • New deflow
    If you enjoy, you'll probably excel at it. If you excel, you'll probably make more.

    You mean PwC won't be able to afford 140k base?
    Nov 12 0


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