aws recruting contact, could use some guidance.

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Just got a linkedin contact from a senior aws recruiter for a software manager position at AWS Dublin.

Are those hot leads or just the recruiter fishing around?

Any tips for following the lead? what aws recruiters are looking for those position? how to prepare?



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  • Carvana hot hot 🔥
    I’ve had a horrible experience. I passed an interview and then waited for two months because they weren’t ready to bring anyone on. She NEVER responded to any emails I sent her through out the entire process.
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  • Marvell kuuD23
    They would take your resume and then forward it to HM. After that its HM’s call. But if you get past HM the process if pretty fast after that.
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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Just a lucky lazy bastard
    The positions are open. There had been a lot of growth in Dublin this year and a lot of new teams are looking for SDMs. I know for sure that those two teams are actively hiring managers.

    As you have been already contacted by a recruiter none of the employees will be able to get the referral bonus but if somebody gives you a referral they can see some little information about the status of the application.

    If you answer, the recruiter will send you some material to prepare for the interview.

    As for to what to expect from the interview I believe this is a good answer
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  • Amazon / Eng asdfteew
    I would suggest go through referral, so that they have to provide information to internal employee. This is what I observed the difference when I referred my friend vs someone went through these leads
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