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Sep 15 12 Comments

my manager and i dont get along well. He is a new manager and he has indireclty told me to change teams after 1 year.
All good projects which were originally assigned to me have been reassigned to other team members.
I have been here for 6 months now.
if i change teams after next 6 months i will have to wait for 1 more year to get promoted. i have already been lowballed as i did not negotiate my TC.
should i change companies now(which will br bad for my resume), work hard there and target next year promotion
or wait 6 more months to change teams(which is similar to finding a new job) in my current company which will delay my promotion by atleast one year ?


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  • Smartsheet luxury
    Is he trying to manage you out of the team or out off the company? Taking your projects away so soon is a huge red flag!
    Sep 15 6
    • Discover Financial Services qwerty-/:
      Feature work which was supposed to come to me have been reassigned. He definitely doesn’t want/expect me to stay in his team long term.
      Is it worth working hard knowing you are expected to change teams after 1 year ?
      Sep 16
    • Smartsheet luxury
      This is a known strategic move by your manager. If he has taken your key or favorite responsibilities away. Few things are in his mind:
      1) your performance will get damage
      2) you will be leaving the company due to bitterness or something.
      3) you are at risk to be the first to be let go in case of layoffs.
      4) you will become someone else’s problem

      Leave his group as soon as you can.
      Sep 16
    • Goldman Sachs kach1947
      If you move to a different team, is he willing to give you good recommendations? Otherwise, you'd be at risk of layoffs come that time of the year..

      Sorry to hear you're in this situation. Unfortunately, this is very common.
      Sep 16
    • Leave his team asap. You have no chance of promo while on it, because he has made it clear he doesn't support you. You don't have to leave the company.
      Sep 16
    • Smartsheet luxury
      “Is it worth working hard knowing you are expected to change teams after 1 year ?”

      Yes! Always work hard. You want to leave in good terms and respects of everyone at the team.
      Sep 16
  • Ipreo qaIG18
    Be realistic, how is your performance? When I've done that to someone their performance was shit and it was a polite way of saying you're not meeting expectations so find a new team or get PIPd then fired. I wasn't giving him a year either.

    If you're new and on a high performing team then this can happen. What's your role?
    Sep 16 0
  • Xilinx pMfv81

    Have you tried getting some real feedback on if there's expectation vs delivery mismatch?
    Sep 16 2
    • Discover Financial Services qwerty-/:
      3 years before masters . 1st job after masters.
      Sep 16
    • Xilinx pMfv81
      And those 3 years were in the US or elsewhere?
      Sep 16
  • QuoteWizard / Data

    QuoteWizard Data

    Either get in his good graces ASAP (have 1:1 to discuss on what you can do better) or change teams. You’re shit out of luck unless the skip level really takes your side (which is very risky and unlikely)

    Why can’t you change teams immediately? Is there a rule?
    Sep 16 0


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