compensation at Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences / Other gyffin11
Aug 13 3 Comments

what is the fair conpensation for a manager in medical affairs at gilead Sciences as an FTE and or a contractor?


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  • Neurocrine Atin|ay2
    Genentech manager gets $160 if that helps. The compensation for both companies is similar I am guessing
    Aug 13 2
    • Gilead Sciences / Other gyffin11
      160k plus standard benefit package ?
      Aug 13
    • Neurocrine Atin|ay2
      I am not sure about the details. I think for a manager, they would offer you $140 base and then if you negotiate, you can go upto $160. There's a small bonus component on top of that but they didn't mention any rsu, maybe they just give something standard on top of that. Don't reply too much on their stocks, try to get your base high.
      Aug 13