cruise employees: are you happy?

Cox Automotive MARr08
Oct 17 40 Comments

why or why not?



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  • Cruise Automation VyHR38
    I've been here for a almost a year now. Worked at a few startups before and large dinosaur in the past. The blind community for cruise is oddly angsty and some might say toxic. I don't get it. There is some perceived misplacement of people with respect to title, comp, and yoe, but I think it's to be expected when you hire over a thousand people a year. This is definitely the most interesting work I've ever done and by far the most I've gotten paid for it.

    TC 410k
    Oct 17 14
    • Cruise Automation hqudy651
      Cruise equity IS zero.

      Show me a paystub of an IC that makes 400+ without equity. Assuming 100% of a 30% ME bonus, that's a 280 base.

      280000÷24 = 11666.67 gross per paycheck

      I'm Senior and my base is 185. Most offers from other companies capped out at about the same. If you're telling me that I'm making 66% of what other Seniors are making...
      Oct 23
    • New oopsies shows it cap out around 215/220 base +30% bonus
      Oct 23
    • Cruise Automation gasp
      Cruise is not on Levels.
      Oct 23
    • Cruise Automation Tc400_5yoe
      185k is on low end of senior...
      Oct 23
    • Cruise Automation tharsheblo
      66% isn't impossible. You also forget there are higher leveled ICs than senior.

      On the other hand, your math isn't making much sense at all; you need more than 280 base if your bonus is only 30% to get to 400.
      Oct 24
  • Cruise Automation sudo-9
    just like any big company, your experience depends on your team and management.
    One thing I hate about Cruise is the young, inexperienced managers. They have no clue on how to manage people and are normally micromanaging. They love to show power and shut you down when you have different ideas even though yours might be better.
    If you are senior and have a lot of experience, consider hard before joining. You might work with a manager who has less experience than you but loves to swing power.
    If you are new grad, I highly recommend Cruise. Very good place for junior devs to grow.
    TC: 425K (not happy employee, quiting soon)
    Oct 18 3
    • Cruise Automation uuidv4()
      Don’t quit, just explore other teams. Cruise needs your experience and wants to keep you around. There’s plenty of teams that might be a better fit.
      Oct 18
    • Cruise Automation Ducklings
      This was my experience, well said. Great place for a new grad or if you can find a good manager. I didn’t, left, couldn’t be happier now
      Oct 18
    • Cruise Automation Yuca
      Same experience, quitting soon, lot of inexperienced managers who are political and toxic. TC:400K
      Oct 19
  • Cruise Automation Yuca
    I am still at Cruise, can confirm that the company culture sucks and the AV stack is a complete mess. Good place, if you want make some quick cash before the fort collapses. Cruise is another We work & Uber in making.
    Oct 21 2
  • Cruise Automation tripleaaaa
    You don’t get it because you haven’t experienced it. I had a terrible experience in the beginning and was part of a really unhappy team, but with a new manager it made a ton of difference. I’m happy now and I’m glad the two who posted above are too, but there are some really gnarly teams at Cruise, just like anywhere else
    Oct 17 0
  • Cruise Automation QsJY74
    I have been here for a years and leading teams with good exposure across teams - man, I don’t get the negativities. I have been in industry for long worked 7 companies from very big to tiny - I will tell you Cruise is almost the best one I have had
    Oct 17 0
  • Cruise Automation avbv
    Cruise is great. Some of your voters are probably no longer here (fired ) and will impact the poll negatively
    Oct 18 2
    • Cruise Automation WJBA12
      Lol. Planning a standup show with your material ?
      Oct 18
    • Cruise Automation tripleaaaa
      Kyle? Is that you?
      Oct 20
  • Cruise Automation QjuU30
    I’m very happy. I’m making nearly double what I was last year. Got big interesting problems to solve and a ton of room to grow. Cruise has its issues as any fast growing company would do but on the infra side it’s awesome. Good work life balance, amazing pay compared to smaller companies but still so much new and exciting stuff to be building. We’re defining the architecture and systems which will be in place for years and getting paid well to do it.
    8YOE, 400k TC
    Oct 18 4
    • Cruise Automation whoaahello
      Seriously +1: pray tell what team you’re on they actually has work life balance
      Oct 22
    • Cruise Automation wubr
      WLB is what you make of it, at any company. I haven't found Cruise to be an exception.
      Oct 22
    • Cruise Automation QjuU30
      I’m in infra but don’t want to get more specific than that
      Oct 22
    • Cruise Automation Tc400_5yoe
      Can confirm wlb is good. Really depends on team
      Oct 23
  • Uber beeusa
    What is the design team like? Does it have the same toxic culture? Recruiter reached out and am curious
    Oct 20 2
    • Cruise Automation 12/20
      It’s great go interview
      Oct 21
    • Uber eqtf37
      Just went through process as a designer and got an offer. Same questions. Seems like super interesting work but ppl trying hard to see the positives or spinning the negs as opportunities.
      Oct 26
  • Cruise Automation WJBA12
    Glad to see all the fanboys here. It's as if we work in different companies.
    Oct 18 0
  • Cruise Automation XqRf44
    I’ve been here nearly 3 years and I think all companies have their down falls but here I feel people wine too damn much. It’s a fast growing company so it will be painful at times while things take shape. I’m here for the long haul personally
    Oct 18 1
    • Cruise Automation QjuU30
      100% agree, such a whiny culture. Yeah, shit is crazy because we added 1000 people in a little over a year, but that has huge advantages too
      Oct 18
  • Cruise Automation Tc400_5yoe
    Money is okay. Work is meh
    Oct 23 0
  • Facebook FAANG5
    What’s a new grad offer look like?
    Oct 17 0


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