does Salesforce use Account managers or CSM?

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Nov 5 2 Comments

i see positions for both Customer success managers and Account managers at Salesforce, which one is used for which products? why does Salesforce do this? i am intrested in seeing if Salesforces divisions perform better with a CSM or with an AM.



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  • Salesforce XIFp50
    At Salesforce an account manager is typically a sales role while csm is post sales (customer success).

    CSMs might be across all products or a subset depending on specialty. Likewise with sales.

    Some of this is based on origin of product; i.e if it was an acquisition or homegrown and also depends on how specific the hierachy of that product is.
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  • Salesforce CloudSurfr
    Could you clarify your question? Use for products how? Every company does things a little diff in terma of roles' responsibilities so you will need to specify the type of work you want to do.
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