fb vs quizlet new grad analytics

Salesforce LfSU47
Nov 1 9 Comments

Trying to decide between FB and Quizlet new grad analytics role. everyone is telling me that facebook is the right decision for launching my career but im not sure. i dont want to just feed into the higher TC. would appreicate any insights.

FB: Data Science, Analytics
115 base
20 signing
80 stock

QZ: Data Analyst
115 base
15 signing
4500 options

Also worth noting FB covers relocation.

other things to note, fb is in menlo park while qz is in SF itself which i prefer. i will be living in SF regardless but shitty commute for fb. however down the line i want to move to NY which fb can allow me to do.


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  • Sphera ✨sparkles
    Fb. Get it on your resume it’ll open more doors down the line.
    Nov 1 0
  • Credit Karma iopsifnr
    FB easy choice. Move to SF/NYC when you’re 24.
    Nov 1 0
  • Boeing ttahee
    Fb you can easily pivot anywhere else. Quizlet not so much
    Nov 1 0
  • Samsung


    Stressed out but surviving
    Quizlet? Um 😐 if you try to interview in a couple of years chances are the interviewer won’t even know what that is.

    Fb all the way. You shouldn’t even need to blink.
    Nov 1 0
  • Isn’t salesforce better ?
    Nov 1 1
    • Salesforce LfSU47
      Not if ur offer is only in Indianapolis lmao
      Nov 1
  • Confluent mkLp32
    Quizlet. Very comparable and if for whatever reason the options don’t work out, you’re out a small amount of FB stock. You’ll learn more at a smaller org.
    Nov 1 1
    • Confluent mkLp32
      Plus being in SF is WAY better
      Nov 1
  • Quizlet GeWV61
    As a Quizleter I can say that the data team is very strong, has great managers and solving some very interesting problems. Data analysts and data scientists get a ton of respect internally.

    My 2cents - at FB you'll be one of a dozen junior data science people working on a narrow problem within a team. Quizlet, as a much smaller company with a ton of green field problems will give you real ownership and expect results.

    Go to FB if you'd like to rest, vest and get that name on the resume. Come to Quizlet to get real world experience and ownership.
    Nov 10 0


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