goood wlb and side projects

Expedia Group Lordofmemz
Nov 7 16 Comments

people with good wlb, do you have any sort of second source of income? youtube channel, freelance projects, side projects, etc

no leetcode please


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  • Salesforce xX420BroXx
    I used to run a consulting company on the side
    Nov 7 6
    • Salesforce xX420BroXx
      Charge by the day or week, not by the hour. Raise prices as often as possible and focus on value-oriented (as opposed to cost-oriented) pricing. Search within your network for the first few clients, and find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Politely but assertively ask every client to refer you to further clients at the end of each engagement.

      A good way to differentiate yourself is by combining strong technical skills with a specific domain expertise and high touch consulting. It's easier to sell clients on a smaller consultancy if you have a higher level of service and attention than the more established enterprise firms. This is what it means to be "boutique."

      You want to your clients that you're equally good at the technical side as the sales and communication side, and many founders/executives will find it refreshing to talk to one person end-to-end who has all the answers. They'll go to you because your size demands that you specialize in quality over quantity, and they will see they're not getting a runaround.

      Finally, don't get sucked into long sales cycles. Target cash-rich startups with demonstrable funding and require 10 - 30% of the full engagement fee upfront. Your invoices should be Net 30, and you should get everything in writing with a contract. Limit your personal liability at all times! Invest a few hundred dollars in an LLC and a lawyer to draft a contract template for you. Do not mix your personal and business accounts, charge everything related to your business on a business-only card, and aggressively deduct eligible expenses from your taxes.

      I think that's everything. Good luck!
      Nov 7
    • Expedia Group Lordofmemz
      Thank you for sharing. Is it saleforce domain or general IT consulting?
      Nov 7
    • Salesforce xX420BroXx
      General, nothing to do with SFDC
      Nov 7
    • Mphasis ITzQ40
      Is there any tips for people who are in h1b visa?
      Nov 7
    • Accenture qwgdg
      were you on 1099 at first on your side consulting and then switched to LLC later on? what service did you use for your LLC?
      Nov 8
  • Zymergen aGVa04
    I tutor programming students in college
    Nov 7 3
    • Google it aint me
      How much income do you generate per hour?
      Nov 7
    • Zymergen aGVa04
      Not very much. Maybe $500 per month
      Nov 7
    • Zymergen aGVa04
      But it's good communication practice, explaining ideas to people with limited understanding of a topic
      Nov 7
  • Samsung chajimogo2
    Being a slumlord
    Nov 7 0
  • It's usually hard to have both
    Nov 7 0
  • Exabeam oCt3p0
    Contributing to open source on GitHub can pad your resume especially if you're fairly new
    Nov 10 0
  • New lazynut
    I have excellent wlb and do 2-3 freelance gigs at a time. Few months, I would make more with the freelancing gigs than my day job. The diversity and not relying on just your day job for a living is very comforting to me. Never had to fight for hikes at my day job and do it only 'cause I love the work. Would definitely recommend.
    I don't have much of a social life though. I work a lot (out of my own choice) but also enjoy it.
    Nov 7 0
  • McKesson kuiV51
    Produce art installations for gratis
    Nov 7 0


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