how did you start a promotion conversation with your manager

Amazon hjl348
Jul 9 13 Comments

Advice needed for non tech roles please


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  • F5 Networks ignax
    At your next scheduled 1:1, be prepared with details on how you've been blowing away your targets, plus all the extras you've been doing that might not be easily visible via metrics or otherwise. Ask how you can get more involved to take on more responsibilities to help you progress your career. If this doesn't trigger a promotion conversation, ask what skills he/she feels you need to work on in order to progress to the next stage. Make notes. Follow-up during your next 1:1 about your progress towards these targets.

    Be mindful and realistic about timelines and performance review / promotion periods. Don't initiate this discussion just before reviews - not only will it be viewed as opportunistic, but your manager will need time to build a case if he/she feels you're ready for it.
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  • Amazon weeeeeeee
    Manager is pushing my promotion with no input from myself. I assume managers get incentivized to promote their directs.
    Jul 9 4
    • Amazon ofbsyckeba
      Is this true?
      Then I wonder if their goal is the number of reports being promoted or not having reports who haven’t been promoted over a certain period of time?
      Jul 9
    • Amazon weeeeeeee
      I have no clue, by my manager is pushing it hard. He’s a good manager though, so maybe that’s a trait of a good manager
      Jul 9
    • Qualtrics qfvO54
      A good manager uses promotions to build and motivate their team. It’s pretty rare for a managers compensation to be tied to # of promotions in a year.
      Jul 9
    • Apple py1
      I’ve seen a manager do this to elevate his position. C and D level players getting promoted to Senior Managers.
      Jul 9
  • Accenture imlazy
    For follow
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    • zyz
      You realize there is a button...
      Jul 9
    • Amazon nrsqp
      Not visible on small screen phones
      Jul 9
    • Apple py1
      How small can screens be. genuinely curious. this button is on top right and very visible.
      Jul 9
  • Pax8 cortazar
    At your next 1:1 bring the data: proof that you blew away your metrics/ projects you took ownership of/ brought to completion. Base the convo on what you have done, not how long you've been there.
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  • Facebook Sffffft
    Express interest in being promoted and if you’re already performing at the next level and have evidence that you are ready for it. If you’re not quite ready (or your manager doesn’t think you are) ask for a growth plan. Figure out what skills, scope of work, etc is needed to move up and have your manager put it in writing. Track against that in your 1:1 meetings throughout the year so when it’s review time you have created a narrative to show how you’ve grown and are ready for the promotion you’re seeking.
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  • U know starting the discussion means nothing . Be prepared to justify it throughout the year .
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