how important is cover letter when applying for jobs

Symantec / Eng symx
Aug 27 18 Comments

There’s resume and linkedin profiles we attach for job applications. what do tou highlight on the cover letter and do they make a difference?


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  • Google l3bee
    I have never written a cover letter and probably never will.
    Aug 27 1
    • Palo Alto Networks / Ops nerd31CA
      Aug 27
  • It was important during 1998.
    Aug 27 0
  • HackerRank yTvx43
    As a hiring manager I don't really look at the cover letter. Definitely write a thank you note though after your interview.
    Aug 27 0
  • IBM GXub74
    I've never written one either. It hasn't stopped me from getting interviews and eventual offers.
    Aug 27 0
  • New eQjn37
    My mother was a director in HR and she told me she would throw out resumes that didn’t have a cover letter. From the responses here I’m thinking that style of thinking may have changed. She is retired now
    Aug 27 1
    • LinkedIn ilovecorn
      She is too old school
      Aug 27
  • Google G-*
    I did write a cover letter to highlight my goods, which mainly helps the recruiter to pick me. My response rate is 6/6, or possibly Google on my resume. :)

    It took me 5 mins to write, why not?
    Aug 27 0
  • New qdvF37
    You people apply? I just press the "yes" button on LinkedIn messages from recruiters who pique my interest and send some copypasta for more info and the schedule in which I accept calls. This copypasta also has a link to download my updated CV so it avoids that whole request, too.
    Aug 27 0
  • Apple magikarp16
    Aug 27 0
  • AT&T asd456
    I don’t know I’m applying now and writing cover letters for all my apps just trying to put in as many key words from the job descriptions as possible
    Aug 27 0
  • Meetup qks
    Engineering, probably not. Design/product? You need a letter.
    Aug 27 0
  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    Some people do care. Most don’t.


    It depends
    Aug 27 0
  • Symantec / Eng symbla
    Cover letters don't matter, at least in software. Always got interviews without one.
    Aug 27 0
  • Oracle needtojump
    It depends on the software the company is using. You may throw in as much words as possible in the cover letter that could up your chance to be in the top search results when recruiters are searching for a candidate amongst thousands if not millions of candidates who submits resume.
    Aug 27 0
  • LinkedIn ilovecorn
    Linkedin is all you need
    Aug 27 0
  • ServiceNow / Product

    ServiceNow Product

    Aug 27 0
  • Workday / Product tdf
    It’s as important as your appendix.
    Aug 27 0


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