how’s life working at twitter

OFI Global / Design ZZZ999
Jun 25 16 Comments

considering being referred to a couple roles at twitter and maybe square although it wasn’t previously on my radar
- how motivated do you feel at work? do you believe in the products long term?
- mentorship opportunities?
- how is product design / UX design seen at the firm? is it valued on development teams


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  • Twitter tweep93
    Life is great. But I think it all depends on your team and manager. But overall, you’re working on pretty cool products and if you actually use Twitter, then you might find the work interesting. Celebrities are always in the office, free breakfast and lunch, unlimited vacation, and flexible WFH programs, etc.
    Jun 25 5
    • Twitter wtMV57
      Jun 25
    • How about pay in general for L5? Also parental leave for someone expecting their kid?
      Jun 25
    • Twitter wtMV57
      As a Senior, I'm very happy with my salary. Twitter does it's best to remain competitive going forward.
      Jun 25
    • Twitter tweep93
      There’s parental leave... i forgot the exact amount, but it’s very generous.
      Jun 26
    • Twitter / Other VEww40
      20 weeks parental leave
      Jul 6
  • Twitter JzFm54
    Not sure about design, you would need to meet the team/em to get a sense of that. Company is doing well and moral and collaborations are strong. Best option if you're in SF in my opinion (obviously I guess).
    Jun 25 5
    • How’s the promo process and growth for eng in general?
      Jun 25
    • Twitter j_7jrb68sm
      Promotions are based on features and shiny things, if your in client. Get no love for running the business. Also seems based on popularity
      Jun 25
    • Twitter wtMV57
      RTB improvements get there. I had a good amount of that in my promo packet
      Jun 25
    • What’s an RTB?
      Jun 25
    • Twitter wtMV57
      Jun 25
  • Square jaxe
    At Square it feels like there is decent work life balance with tons of perks. People are incredibly nice and cooperative, the interview process itself looks for these traits.

    For your specific question
    - I am incredibly motivated at work. I enjoy the morals of this company and genuinely feels like we are trying to empower people.
    - mentorship from my experience seems pretty good. Most people who have been here for a while have seen a lot
    - product design/ UX teams are valued and they share their designs with everyone. It’s really nice to see things people are making and how they are looking
    Jun 26 2
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      OP is asking about twitter though...
      Jun 28
    • Square konkeydong
      Which org are you in? Having almost 0 mentorship has been the most disappointing thing about joining for me.
      Jun 29
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