magic leap south florida

American Express / Strategy PabY40
Aug 1 13 Comments

anybody know if its worth getting into magic leap in south florida? if so how to approach? no luck so far. 10YOE director @ american express - PO, business strategy, finance, operations


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  • New sphota
    Seems like they are currently in a hiring freeze—insider source.
    Aug 12 0
  • I thought they were exposed as a fraud?
    Aug 1 3
    • Magic Leap / Eng _^__^_
      Aug 2
    • Magic Leap snow🔧
      Definitely not a fraud. Cool product and great work environment but low TC.
      Aug 2
    • Magic Leap pulsemory
      That's rich coming from Facebook
      Aug 10
  • Intel Bjkl
    Do you know why there is a freeze? From all the announcements it seems that they have been getting a lot of money.
    Aug 30 1
    • American Express code_man
      I heard from inside source that they apparently "hired too many people". So they are currently figuring out what to do. He wasn't sure what was gonna happen either
      Sep 17
  • Feld Entertainment / Creative IvanKalyt
    Seems like it's worth it, heard from people who work there that it's pretty good atmosphere. But no luck for me to join the team either but as an artist
    Aug 1 0
  • Intel Bjkl
    Sphota in your comment above you mentioned about hiring freeze. Any more details?
    Aug 23 2
    • New sphota
      They still seem to be in a freeze. I contact my source periodically. Will let you guys know if something changes.
      Aug 23
    • Lockheed Martin / Eng BitConect!
      I believe something changed...I have an interview
      Oct 25
  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    Former National Political Consultant, left industry, went to help friends. went from High 6 Figure Salary, to dealing with 21-23yo "Executives" bleeding me dry.
    Yeah I wanted to get involved ages ago there. After I got out of crypto/politics it seems like a perfect fit for a person obsessed with ar/vr and a background in Blockchain since 2010, and a decade in strategy/management..
    Yet after moving to Miami 2 years ago I never could find a person to talk to there.
    Def following in hopes to gain insight.
    Aug 3 0


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