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Comcast onlytroll
Nov 6 8 Comments

Wife's going to school in NE and I need to relocate to nyc/nj city next year. Both tech and finance will do. A friend in nyc recommended Bloomberg.

I can solve roughly 30% of unseen mediums, not always within 20 mins tho. I'm gonna prep more before going for F/G/Snap/Salesforce.

How hard are tech interviews in big banks? (eg JPM/Goldman/Citi)

Must have: visa sponsorship for next 2-3 years (gc is incoming)

40h/week so I can keep leeting
Medium high tc

tc 250k sunnyvale

skills: python, go, data engineering, aws, ml, cloud infra


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  • Lyft hurrayy
    Many big companies have offices in ny now, so try your hand in those as the pay is comparable to sf/bay.

    Banks and fintech companies like Bloomberg are a tad easier than fangish companies, but pay is lower too.

    Good luck!
    Nov 6 2
    • Microsoft msnewbie
      Bloomberg is not bank or fintech. It's a media and tech company. Also, hedge funds such as Citidel and 2Sigma has TC almost the same if not higher than FANG.
      Nov 6
    • Lyft hurrayy
      True about tc, but that's not everything. If op is optimizing for wlb as well, citadel/2sigma/hedge funds can be a bad choice.
      Nov 6
  • Bloomberg infi
    @hurrayy I bet you should try interviewing with Bloomberg. I will not be surprised if you are not able to clear the first coding interview!
    Nov 8 4
    • Lyft hurrayy
      Aww, truth hurt your feelings?

      Why make this personal - it's a great place to work, but I still think they are not at par with fang in some ways and likewise. Hope that makes you feel better.
      Nov 8
    • Bloomberg infi
      My only issue is clubbing Bloomberg with banks is not fair at all. Bloomberg is a tech company at heart and engineers are first class citizens here. I personally work in a high performance distributed systems team and the code quality along with the hiring bar is top-notch. Not to forget the TC can easily go to around 350k or more and all in cash depending on how good you are.
      Nov 9
    • Lyft hurrayy
      Totally, its much much better than Banks for sure and is a tech company unlike banks, but I really doubt that their avg comp in general is at par with fang. The tech companies' comp may be in equity, but they are almost cash and their base+bonus generally beats other companies.

      Also, I still stand by my statement that it's a tad easier to get in to Bloomberg.l, which is probably a good thing.
      Nov 9
    • Bloomberg infi
      Nov 9


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