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Sep 13 9 Comments

what are the employee benefits available in Salesforce Bellevue office . I heard its one of the best place to work


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  • Microsoft JCIg35
    A colleague of mine used to work at Salesforce and still raves about it & will go back when he can. They have mandatory paid volunteer hours and unlimited vacation (if you get your work done). He said the people were great to work with & he really liked his management team.
    Sep 13 5
    • Salesforce knsbwvsb
      This is totally correct, great company, solid management, amazing culture and good wlb. I wish they can fix rsu refresh problem
      Sep 13
    • Microsoft .-.-.
      Is this true for the Bellevue office also or is it just SF ?
      Sep 13
    • Oracle pzd
      Wtf is "mandatory paid volunteer hour"? It's either mandatory or voluntary. It can't be both.
      Sep 13
    • Salesforce


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      OHANA GANGmore
      It's not mandatory, I don't know why they used that word. It's generally encouraged, and all employees have a generous annual allotment of 100% paid volunteer time which is separate from PTO/vacation. But it's not mandatory at all.

      Some teams like to do "VTO" together, and it's probably career-limiting to not join them if that's the culture of the team. But most teams don't pressure you to volunteer, and you are never obligated to do any volunteer work. I've done none the past two years, for example (technically that's not true, I do some, I just don't bother to enter it into our internal tracker for it and my team doesn't know/care).
      Sep 13
    • Salesforce MahoviS
      It used to be like that two to three years ago. Things started changing. Now the company has 40k employees. Work is not that great and lot of acquisitions prompting travel freezes.
      Sep 13
  • Sony wkdhsusb
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  • Workday / Product tdf
    Their benefits website is publicly accessible.
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