self-centered co worker

Intel khhj14
Aug 28 8 Comments

How do you deal with self-centered co worker who won’t pick up any slack for the team? It’s so annoying to work with someone who plays the blame game and evade any work common to the team.


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Amazon / Eng takeiteazy
    I heard they have this software called Jira where you can assign tickets with tasks to people. Could be useful in your situation.
    Aug 28 2
    • New qdvF37
      Jira is never useful in any situation
      Aug 28
    • Amazon / Eng takeiteazy
      Depends on your jira-fu
      Aug 28
  • Samsung statarb
    You are slacking and your co-worker refuses to help? Brilliant!
    Aug 28 1
    • Google / Eng rheimann
      Sounds like Intel
      Aug 28
  • Amazon pqkebxuwk
    Document the tasks given to him
    Aug 28 0
  • Amazon uaqh79
    Why’re you blaming this coworker?
    Aug 28 1
    • Intel khhj14
      This coworker doesn’t want to incorporate an infrastructure change and blames the person who did the change to change his code. I find this unbelievable. There are other coworkers who had to incorporate the change and they all did it fine.
      Aug 29


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