stripe: how will i make money from RSUs if company remains private?

Microsoft uenxoegr
Nov 9 15 Comments

How do RSUs work at Stripe? When you join FAANG+Microsoft and you get 160k in stocks you can assume that 12 months later you’ll have 40k in liquid money. But what about Stripe? When the stocks vest how do you make money?


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  • Praetorian / Eng Infonoob
    If a company has investors, there's usually a couple of ways it'll go.
    1. IPO. Most likely (for stripe imo)
    2. Acquisition. Second most likely (for stripe imo)
    3. Dividends. Unlikely
    4. Stock buyback. Also unlikely.
    5. Go out of business and become worthless. Most common for startups. Unlikely for stripe.
    Nov 9 2
    • Apple dhsx25as
      Even if there’s an acquisition you may not get any money. Depends on how well the company was doing when it got acquired.
      Nov 9
    • Palo Alto Networks nnnnnk
      IPO is the most unlikely way for Stripe. No plan to go public, said CEO.
      Nov 13
  • Intuit 71ddr6
    I joined a startup and had 40,000 shares (shares not dollar amount). eventually the dollar amount was $0! don't count on anything happening with those RSUs unless you see an IPO on the horizon.
    Nov 9 4
    • Capital One EXwk33
      I trust that stripe will survive given it's business model and revenue, but the valuation is nuts relative to their revenue, so I wouldn't be surprised it's value follows the same path that Uber, Lyft, Wework... did
      Nov 9
    • Stripe hiUV25
      I’m not arguing that the valuation is correct but it’s not really comparable to Uber, Lyft and Wework. Those companies have literally been lighting money on fire with negative unit margins.
      Nov 10
    • Stripe / Eng jaQG11
      You know what Stripe’s revenue is?
      Nov 10
    • eBay ggguy
      yeah and stripe is actually profitable. confirmed this with a friend who joined there.

      and it’s really weird so many of stripe employees are so secretive of their company and refuse to share even a tiny bit of information. is this something mandated by the collison brothers?
      Nov 21
  • Credit Karma 🐨Koala
    That's the risk you take when joining a private company. You can't have it all
    Nov 9 0
  • WeWork WeBroke
    I joined wework at a $10b valuation and saw it grew to $48b. My seven figures equity are worthless. :(
    Nov 9 3
    • New oeeL53
      Out of interest who actually gave it the mythical $48b valuation?
      Nov 9
    • WeWork WeBroke
      Softbank. The bank with $100b vision fund.
      Nov 9
    • New oeeL53
      Crazy to see places like Bloomberg, CNBC and others quoting this figure all the time based on what one VC bought in at. Anyone can see when comparing to competitors like Regus that WeWork is not even worth 5% of that.
      Nov 10
  • American Express VlRm43
    Find out if they have an internal RSU trading scheme. In that way, you can sell your stocks off to other internal employees who are willing to buy
    Nov 9 0
  • Amazon Trigg
    The employment lottery. You win or you don’t.
    Nov 9 0


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