sunday studies for kids

Oracle miswaroh
Sep 8 24 Comments

my wife is having my second grader do studies every sunday from 11 am to 5 pm - only breaks are for lunch and snacks etc. is this regular practice? wife doesnt want to hear anything from me and wants him to be the best in academics. is this usually in every home? how much time over weekend so your young kids (if you have) spend doing workbooks and studies?


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  • Hitachi Data Systems

    Hitachi Data Systems

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    Not normal. Kids should be able to get outside and explore, play at the park, free time. You need to take control and allow your kids to be more creative, not just studying all the time unless that's their choice.
    Sep 8 0
  • Lyft done2
    Sounds dystopian
    Sep 8 2
    • Microsoft / Eng unoriginal
      Exactly what I was thinking. Kids spend too much time in school already (who decided 40 hours + homework was absolutely needed?), if this becomes the norm let's just call it quits as humans
      Sep 8
    • Lyft done2
      Yeah I think you need a $5 million house to get a good public school in California at this point.

      That’s the trick finding a decent school so you can have a real life on the weekends.
      Sep 8
  • Oracle miswaroh
    :-( trying my best to get them out of home to play in a park and socialize. My wife does not like socializing so no one including friends or neighbor stop by at home and mingle their kids with ours. Only hope is for them to play with friends they find at park. And they love it!!! Plus we are in private school so no kids even close by who are classmates etc
    Sep 8 3
    • Oracle / Eng aham
      Take initiative and do socializing. What's stopping you?
      Sep 8
    • Google / Mgmt
      Some Indian women think they are tiger moma but end up being husband harrassers and kid torturers.
      Sep 8
    • Oracle miswaroh
      Avoiding a shouting match and conflict that could arise on even mild suggestions
      Sep 8
  • Microsoft [rummikub]
    Best thing you can do is to read a few psychology books with your wife. The way you wrote the above, sounds like you have no agreement, and just passively accept whatever. 

    Pure brutforce will do some improvements on kiddo's academics, but it's not merely enough to be happy and successful in life. In second grade kids should proactively learn how to socialize, make friends, express themselves. You can introduce them to different studies or sports, but not enforce it, because they'll quit it later and won't ask you, since you were the one who made them do it. 

    Even if many people do the same, and spend weekends forcing their kids to study, it doesn't mean they're doing the right thing.
    Sep 8 0
  • You should consider some outside of academics training, like dance, or organized sports, or volunteering that has a “routine” component to it but more importantly a team building component to it. Tell your wife you want to switch from academics to this, because it’s more important to have these interpersonal skills than being able to calculus when you’re 15.
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  • Apple / Design 1ch1bun
    This is kinda overkill for a second grader
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  • Amazon wvcsdj
    Would u work on Sundays ?
    Sep 8 0
  • Microsoft TipIt🍸
    Kids shouid be kids. I am not a fan of taking up every second of a kids life with sports or academics. But if a child needs extra help, fine, but it should not take away their childhood or their time with family.
    Sep 8 0
  • eBay mj751aMk
    We do one or two hours on the weekend where we feel they need support. The rest of the weekend is mainly other family activities, beach time, friends, theatre, birthday parties and stuff
    Sep 8 0
  • Synchrony ————
    Is she from Asian origin?
    Sep 8 1
  • Pandora / Eng joystick
    She should consider sports on weekends instead. There is scientific evidence that exercise helps with brain development and that kids who grow up having active lifestyle, maintain it in adulthood. You want to raise smart, well-adjusted kids, not just “knowledgeable”.
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  • Pandora x0kjF
    Working on the Sabbath is forbidden. Stop this practice before the Lord steps in.
    Sep 8 0
  • Google 🎖Me🐎
    Weekends are to play and explore outside world. Trust me practical knowledge is much useful than solving workbooks
    Sep 8 0
  • New / Retail Paulpogba7
    Utter nonsense! 2 hours with a break is fine. Just go form the habit. They need to do other things too, like exploring outside of books.
    Sep 8 0
  • Cisco Persistant
    No. This is not normal. Not even for high school kids I know. Today, in my community, elementary kids went to soccer, base ball and softball games in the morning. Later in the after noon many of them played in the park, cycled around. There were few home birthday parties as well. They would have studied for max of 30 minutes in the evening. As far as I know, this is the usual Sunday routine. I have found Saturday to be bit different and there is an hour or 2 of studying.
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  • American Airlines / Mgmt W8tPgz
    If your son is happy and wife also happy then do nothing. If your son is unhappy then perhaps you can spend some out of the house time with your son. Or, the three of you do studies together. Good luck.
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  • New


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    Yoe: 🦏 TC: 🐐 Still not serious about life ...
    Align with her motivation. Nothing can be more enticing than cracking Ivy League schools! Now that you have her attention, bring up the discussion how all round growth from an early age is needed for building a good portfolio for college admissions. How being able to socialize is crucial in this country and bit different from India, where it only depends on grades.

    It’s futile to start with an opposition - find common ground, wriggle in, make your case, have an open mind.
    Sep 8 0
  • Oath LxSY42
    You know some of your own biggest insights come when taking a crap or doodling on a napkin over a conversation at the bar, rather than in formal meetings. The brain needs time to flush the mental input buffers and drain the learning queues and let it all process in the background while doing something fun.

    Kids, even more than adults, need hobbies, games, a chance to find their own interests and grow up, etc. They aren't just bins you throw facts in 24/7 and then expect to function as adults.
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