tech people so lucky

Microsoft btrwxcwhd
Oct 31 10 Comments

this is probably more Cathartic than anything else but just want to say everyone here so lucky to be in tech. i moved from tech to media to what i thought would be career advancement.

everyday i deal with so many fucking morons.

cant do basic math.

cant do basic finance

zero business sense

all they can do is relationship build. i know thats important and dont want to discount its importance.

at microsoft people in my group were generally sharp. they dont know everything but you could argue and discuss at the same level.

i cant disclose my company but its a relatively large media business (~15B revenue ~50B mcap)

TC 250K


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  • Microsoft lHcN54
    Go back to tech if you don't like the switch?
    People in tech are not "lucky" but smart and work hard, LOL
    Oct 31 3
    • Microsoft btrwxcwhd
      Going back at right level and right role is hard in business after certain level. ~66+ now.
      Nov 1
    • Microsoft lHcN54
      Yeah, but not impossible, right? Consider not only Microsoft but other tech companies. A lot of them hire aggressively now.
      Nov 1
    • Microsoft btrwxcwhd
      Agree. Not just Microsoft.
      Nov 1
  • What is MBA? I know MBS.
    Oct 31 1
    • Microsoft btrwxcwhd
      Masters of business administration
      Nov 1
  • LOL ignorance != morons. They just decided to learn and excel at something else: relationship building or whatever media field needs. They could say the same thing about something you’re not good at. Find others outside of work to have your “discussions at the same level”
    Nov 1 0
  • Microsoft msnewbie
    Don't you need to pass basic SAT math test to get into college? The media company hires people who didn't go to college? Besides that, there are also penty of people don't know anything about finance and business in tech companies.
    Oct 31 0
  • Oracle poZ48k
    Ooo, you have mba. I am so jealous.
    Oct 31 0


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