the most unrealistic expectations for a job?

SAP dubevdj
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i recently finished 7 rounds of interview with an IT company and ended up with no offer after the last round. the reason? not having enough technical knowhow in a very specific tech area to be a solutions architect although i have very strong general product management and scrum product ownership knowledge (the role was advertised as PM). IMHO they are looking for one person to fill 3 roles. for me, i dont know anyone with such combo skillsets, even if they do, im not sure if they would consider the salary they are offering (est. 100k)

love to hear about your experience


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  • Oracle


    That’s the reason they told you. Real reason could be anything.
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  • MassMutual / Eng

    MassMutual Eng

    Lead Software Engineer
    I considered a salary like that for a 3-in-one combination role ... once. Here's how it went.

    TL;DR: Employers who combine multiple intensive roles into a single position are negligent and cheap. Do not work for them, ever.

    I told them that their technology operations were critically lacking. The fact that they hadn't been hacked was a miracle. The security on their software amounted to a daily dice roll that they had been winning for about 4 years straight.

    Their flagship application- was running on a framework that was unsupported for about 5 years, and contained critical security vulnerabilities. (Eg, public exploitable vunlns in Mitre/CVE)

    I requested a single tech resource to help shore things up. I was met with "not going to happen."

    They hired a tech director to "oversee" me because they didn't agree with my findings. He said the same thing. They hired a consultant to review their operations because they thought we were both lying. The consultant said the same thing.

    This was after I built a backlog with about 2 years worth of work for 3 people.

    Needless to say, I wasn't about to put my career on the line for that garbage fire. I left. Screw em. They ended up outsourcing everything to a team in Europe who they barely trust.

    Nothing wrong with the European team either. I liked those guys, talented folks. I talked the company into not firing the European team. The only thing holding them back was the ineptitude of their client.
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  • Juniper


    Loving what I do
    Ask them to invest in AI and get a robot for themselves lol
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  • Bloomberg / Eng F.U. money
    “IT” should be used only to refer to 🤡 companies like the one you just described. Not sure why you’re dwelling on it and trying to rationalize it. It’s not your job to be the system architect. It’s not even the job of the team lead. That’s what engineers do. Screw that company.
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  • Amazon / Eng fAbWj
    11 rounds of interview by Aspera (an IBM company). 2 phone screen. 1 video recorded. 8 onsite.
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    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      LinkedIn, Yahoo, Oracle
      Wow, unless employed, one has to run up some PTO to entertain such, amazing!
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  • Depends on the company. Sometimes they are hiring for a potential contract or waiting for funding of a project that fell through.
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  • Apple


    Don Juan de Bezos
    Was the company in Florida?
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  • Cisco / IT shdifigbrk
    Whenever stuff like that pops up (combined roles with unique skill sets) it’s often because they have someone referred from within that HAS those exact skills that they want to hire / promote, and by law they need to post / interview to show they tried to hire externally.

    The referral is already basically guaranteed the job it’s more of a “if we somehow manage to find that one unique person who also has your skill set, then maybe...otherwise, it’s yours.”
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