what is worth spending a tech budget on?

New / Eng xsue48
Sep 15 7 Comments

my work gives you a tech budget AND you get to keep the tech you buy. its 1000 dollars. what is worth buying?

i was considering an ipad pro and apple pencil for digital art and travel


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  • Micro Focus / Eng hellabro
    Leetcode premium subscription
    Sep 15 0
  • PwC oFgg42
    Raspberry Pi, thermostat and 15 year old van and you’ll be able to take down Goldman Sachs
    Sep 15 0
  • New QTdN03
    Is it cumulative? Maybe buy a new MacBook Pro every 3 years.
    Sep 15 1
    • Scoop Technologies vzCf50
      Usually not cumulative
      Sep 15
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    • New / Eng xsue48
      Zulily in Seattle
      Sep 15
  • Atlassian / Eng

    Atlassian Eng

    I may grow old, but I'll never grow up
    Personally, I'd go for a really nice monitor. Unlike other bits of tech, they last a long time.
    Sep 15 0
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer

    I already have several nice mice, but if not I'd grab one of the high end Logitech. Split mechanical keyboard, or a TeX Yoda if they ever plan on selling them again.

    After that I don't really know... Maybe VR headset? I kind of like the idea of a VR desktop with as many screens as you want surrounding you.
    Sep 15 0