why are so many long time salesforce employees leaving the company?

Chase NYCFDC3935
Aug 28 10 Comments

it seems like a lot of long time folks at salesforce are leaving. why?


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  • ServiceNow


    Not much innovation I think. All the innovation is about buying companies and stitching acquired products together to get enough cash flow to keep the stock from crashing. It seems very much like old Oracle but with a better culture and work life balance. My two cents.
    Aug 28 0
  • Salesforce lololl
    Getting bored
    Aug 28 0
  • Intel


    "It seems...long time folks... are leaving"... this is based on what knowledge or information?
    Aug 28 1
    • Chase NYCFDC3935
      Long time customer. Connected to many Salesforce employees on linked in and seeing an alert almost weekly now of people leaving.
      Aug 28
  • Salesforce knsbwvsb
    Lack of rsu refresh and you need something strong to work here after 4 yrs due to your rsu. Work environment is very good and employees are very good. In the end you have to make a call what js important for you.
    Aug 29 0
  • Amazon newAz
    Underpaid I guess
    Aug 28 1
  • Salesforce TyFn26
    Lack of refresher
    Aug 29 0
  • Salesforce benimeoff
    We lost some senior execs, but seemed like they just had gone as far as they could go in the company and got offered c suite roles at other companies.
    Aug 29 0
  • Tesla / Eng 🐉⛈
    Fully vested?
    Aug 28 0


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