workday m3 offer

Intel fDGN06
Oct 16 20 Comments

i have a m3 offer with 205k base , 240k stocks and 60k joining bonus at workday . Am i being low balled ? seems low for m3..


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  • Square / Eng ReferralMe
    Low balled doesn't exist if you can't get a higher offer.
    Oct 16 0
  • Workday JezH37
    Decent for workday standards. Keep in mind you’ll get yearly grants.

    I’m also m3 with about 170k base and 70k/yr RSU
    Oct 19 5
    • Intel fDGN06
      Oct 21
    • Workday khgyijv
      Jezh37 why your tc so low . How long are u at workday ?
      Oct 21
    • Workday JezH37
      2 years. Didn’t think 250k was that low for workday 😂
      Oct 21
    • Workday khgyijv
      Definitely not low but lower than incoming m3 external hire
      Oct 21
    • Sephora Blackhawk2
      What’s M3 maps to in terms of level? Sr. Engineering Manager?
      Oct 30
  • Workday UdXv75
    Which department is this for?
    Oct 21 2
    • Intel fDGN06
      This offer is for their adaptive insights..
      Oct 22
    • New kVlu63
      Did you accept this offer or negotiate? Is M3 a first level manager or senior manager?
      Nov 22
  • Criteo rmMl03
    What is m3?
    Oct 16 2
    • Google Krepton
      BMW M3
      Oct 16
    • Workday / Mktg

      Workday Mktg

      Demandbase, ObservePoint
      No it’s a Tesla
      Oct 21
  • Yoe?
    Oct 16 1
  • Workday ypKT26
    Seems low as compared to FAANG, shouldn't it map to L5/6 of other place?
    Oct 21 0
  • Workday khgyijv
    Seems like a fair offer
    Oct 18 0
  • Salesforce Knut
    If I remember correctly they don’t have bonus structure
    Oct 16 0
  • Intel fDGN06
    9 years experience
    Oct 16 0
  • Credit Karma alammcjdk
    that stock will become 5 times easily. congrats man
    Oct 16 0


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