Company Spotlight: Facebook

Last week on our blog, we featured Uber and shared the latest Uber talk happening on our app. This week we put the spotlight on Facebook, another company that is highly mentioned and searched by our users.

Check out what Blinders have been saying about the tech giant and all the questions they’ve been curious about since June. Remember to click on the posts to read more!

Let’s begin with TC.


Offers and Compensation

Curious about what Facebook has been offering lately? Here are the numbers that users have shared since June 2018.

Rotational Software Engineer

    • Luxorv | Ford: “Base: 145k / Sign on: 60k”

Software Engineer (E4)

    • sfbaynew | Dell: “YOE: 5yrs / Base: 160k / RSUs: 300k / Sign-on: 50k”

    • nSAL20 | Oracle: “155k + 300k (4 yrs) + 100k + 10% = 270.5k”

    • aneemz2 | New: “160k, 300k, signing bonus 100k”

Software Engineer (E5)

    • BingleBang | Amazon: “35k sign-on / 175k salary / 330k RSU / 10 yoe”

    • FNCt20 | New: “$50k signing + $190k base + 15% bonus + $600k RSU/4y”

    • lcaQ38 | Amazon: “PhD + 6 yoe / Base 190 / Stock 480 / Sign on 75”

    • Kyouma | Microsoft: “170k base / 400 stock / 0 signin”

    • Life will | Amazon: “Yoe 6 after phd, current tc 250k, east coast location / E5 tc 343 (with 15% Target bonus) + 1st sign on / 190k base, 500k rsu 4 year vesting, 75k sign on”

    • Gloom | Microsoft: “185k / 500k / 30k” (Facebook Seattle)

    • DKEs08 | New: “TC – 160k GBP including sign on bonus” (Facebook London)

Software Engineer (E6)

    • KqNU55 | New: “210k base, 20%, 750k RSU, 50k sign on”

Software Engineering Manager (M1)

    • bJqu56TC | FBA Zone: “$220k base, $1M RSU, 20% bonus, $100k signon”

    • AOeb84 | Intuit: “215K base, 20% annual bonus and 420K RSUs that vest over 4 years and 60K sign in”

Product Manager (L5)

    • xVg57Fk | Sharethrough: “175k base / 25k signon / 320k RSU”

Program Manager (IC6)

    • DangerJr | Google: “170k base / 200k RSU / 20% bonus”

Marketing Manager (E4)

    • sweetpea | Google: “$125k, $52500 equity”

Strategic Partner Manager (L6)

    • Yikgjkjjjh | Facebook: “I have an L6 SPM friend at $300K”

Director (D1, D2)

    • Mmmnkh | Uber: “D1 starts in the 700s and D2 starts ~1m”


About Stocks and Bonuses

Is the annual bonus and stock refresher prorated if you join Facebook mid-year?


Why Work for Facebook?


The Interview

Any LeetCode during the phone screen?

What kinds of system design questions have been asked?

Is it better if the interview becomes a discussion with the hiring team? Or should the candidate drive the interview?

Tips for product managers: How do you identify a problem worth solving?


Facebook Bootcamp. What Is It?


Benefits and Culture

How much is the one-time bonus if you choose to live close to work (within 10 miles)?

Can you make after-tax 401K contributions? Are Vanguard index funds available?

Does Facebook offer a high deductible health plan (HDHP)?

How much time off is allowed?

What are the work hours?

How’s the work-life balance at Facebook Seattle?

What’s the culture like for product managers?

Does Facebook have a mentorship program?

Are offices dog-friendly?


Getting PIP’d

How often are people placed on a performance improvement plan (PIP)?


And Finally…

Is it required to use Facebook (and give up some privacy) when employed at Facebook?

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