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Optym 38324
Nov 30, 2018 28 Comments

Amazon L5 applied scientist ii in Alexa automotive team based in Santa Clara: 175k base + 148 stocks + 200k sign on

Uber L4 machine learning engineer in uber eats based in SF: 153k base + 9600 rsu + 65k worth annual refresh and cash + 25k sign on

Amazon says they can possibly increase by another 8-10% on the entire compensation if I give verbal accept and process is gonna go through the director. The cost is no raise or stocks refresh in first two years.

Uber says they can possibly give another 20k sign on if the other offer is really competitive.

Which one is more promising? How should I negotiate to improve?

PS:I will give more information here about my preference. The role in Uber is more like an engineer role, in which you work with the DS and implement their prototype model into pipeline, while the AS role in Amazon provides you the chance to do some your own research. Besides, I am not sure if there will be any on call for Uber MLE, but probably not for AS in Amazon.

Secondly, Uber is in downtown SFO, which is quite far away from my girlfriend, who works in Google Sunnyvale office.

However, as many mentioned, the opportunity of IPO of Uber is also really attractive. That's why it is hard for me to make the decision.



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    • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
      OP gets a guaranteed 275k TC for years 1 and 2 not including RSUs which average out to another 25k average per year at today’s price.

      At $1600 per AMZN share:
      Year 1: 287k
      Year 2: 310k
      Year 3/4: 270k

      “Meaningful RSUs” for the first two years are not important and if anything the guaranteed cash in this market may be preferable.

      Whether or not the Uber offer over the four years will lend to more money in the long run is a separate argument.
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Optym 38324
      Started one
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Google iogear
    200k sign on wow
    Nov 30, 2018 2
    • LinkedIn / Eng
      Gill Bates

      LinkedIn Eng

      [Insert epic sax here]
      Gill Batesmore
      It's because the Amazon RSU vesting schedule is like 5/15/40/40, and the sign on is over two years I believe.
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Optym 38324
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Amazon cmdgc
    I have to say the L5 offers these days are really insane.
    Nov 30, 2018 2
    • New / Eng jbnote
      Yeah i feel so bad about myself with 8.5 yoe and still hovering around 210
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Amazon cmdgc
      Nah, don’t feel bad. That’s what Blind does to people, makes you feel bad about yourself, be it intentionally or not.
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Uber


    Google, Yelp, Microsoft
    I work as a ML Scientist at Uber (not in Eats) - but we really need and value MLEs. On the flip side, our ML infrastructure is still a bit antiquated (needs way more work to train, manage and productize models than say other big companies). Just more things to consider. DM me if you want more info on how ML and AI works at Uber.
    Dec 1, 2018 0
  • Amazon / IT

    Amazon IT

    Google, Amazon, Microsoft
    I work in the Santa Clara office. Do not join, the teams here love to micromanage, there is no office culture, the average ML talent in the office is low, you'll learn a lot more at Uber. Stay away from the Santa Clara office
    Dec 2, 2018 1
    • Optym 38324
      Could you tell me more about this? I would definitely appreciate it a lot.
      Dec 2, 2018
  • Nvidia nvai
    How was the interview process ? Was it more focused on ML or regular Data structures/ leet code stuff ?
    Nov 30, 2018 0
  • Credit Karma ndjjjsbfmk
    hmmm, if I remember correctly, there is a cap for base salary. <=160k? They might changed it recently?
    Nov 30, 2018 4
    • Credit Karma ndjjjsbfmk
      For SDE? That’s different from what I heard. In the bay it’s ~160
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      Man I’ve been stuck on 185k for a while, can’t get a hike
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Microsoft / Eng espressoMc
    MLE is more like taking models from data scientists and putting them in production right? Also, doing some perf enhancements.

    I’m a MLE in one of the teams at Microsoft, we just take scripts from DS and put them in production using a home built framework. Not very challenging (end product is good, but work we do is not challenging at all).

    Will your role be different?
    Nov 30, 2018 3
    • Optym 38324
      It's not about the team but the role. The data scientist role is more attractive to me than machine learning engineer.
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Some teams also let you switch role easily in Uber.
      Dec 1, 2018
  • Uber 5b
    What’s your decision Op
    Dec 24, 2018 0
  • BlackRock Ikqf10
    Congrats on the offer, can you please share your prep strategy and also the interview experiences. Thanks
    Dec 1, 2018 0


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