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Whats the relationship between Product Manager and EPM at Apple? is this the same org?

Is PM just a fancier title for TPM-type role or is it a true PM? how are job responsibilities different?


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  • There are no product managers. All PMs are labeled EPM and that is in essence a dressed up version of Project Manager, scheduler, bug tracker. Apple is super heavy on process and project management.

    All product decisions come from management and are dictated top down heavy with a lot of red tape.

    If you want a product role I would skip Apple.
    Jan 15 6
    • General TPM skill set will do fine.
      Past experience in program/project managing technical projects are good.

      Other than this it depends on team I.e. maps team will look for that type of experience ...
      Jan 15
    • Microsoft QuidBroQuo
      Wait why is AI/ML org hiring so many "Product Managers" then?
  • Broadcom Ltd. th7zd4
    That's crazy. But makes one ponder - if a consumer company can be so successful without a PM org, why do other consumer companies need so many PMs?
    Jan 15 2
    • The PM job needs to be done. Weather you have an org for that or divide the responsibility in some other way is a matter of implantation.

      Don’t be misled by Apples success.
      They had hell of a Product / Design guy as CEO :) Steve was the best PM&a Design Person for Apple.

      Look at the last 3-4 years, Apple has no innovation, the I my thing new is new prices. And look how shitty Siri and attempts at home device are. Lack of product vision...
      Jan 15
    • Broadcom Ltd. th7zd4
      Yes, someone has to do the job. Also agree that Jobs was one of the best product people. The question is - can a big consumer company do with few product people (like Apple from Jobs' era) instead of hundreds of product people (PMs) typically employed by large consumer companies?
      Jan 15
  • Broadcom Ltd. th7zd4
    Good insight. How about decisions on features? PMs can't even make decisions on individual features?
    Jan 15 1
    • Everything goes through a ton of red tape. You want to change color of a font, 5 design reviews, you want Siri to say some thing ohhh boy strap in for a year long process.
      Jan 15


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