Capital One interview scores

Oct 18, 2019 3 Comments

Recruiter told me that the interview scores are valid for 2 years. Does that mean I will be offered a job if I come back anytime within 2 years? If I turn down an offer right now, will I still be eligible to return within 2 years?


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  • Capital One / Eng sunvalley
    That mean we keep them for 2 years. It will be referenced but you will have to get the full interview all over again (if it's very similar role they might just have you do tech interviews and not the behavioral and case)
    Oct 18, 2019 2
    • Wayfair hitman047
      If you are required to do the full interview rounds again, then what is the point of keeping those scores? Wouldn't the new scores replace the old one?
      Oct 19, 2019
    • Capital One / Eng sunvalley
      Meaning you pass pre-screening. Yes what I'm trying to say is they are mostly BSing you.

      At C1 HR has very little power. 99% of everything is decided by the hiring manager (and the interview panel)
      Oct 19, 2019


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