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NXP lupine
Dec 4, 2019 2 Comments

Hello, I am posting this for my friend. What are the salary bands in charter ( spectrum ) like for techinial and managerial ladder? He would be offered either associate director or Sr principal technologist role. Location is either St Louis or Denver.

Got a non formal estimate offer from HR,
base 135k
bonus 20%
rsu 30k for 3 yrs

yoe 13yrs

apprecaite any insights on the salary bands.


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  • Charter LtfN61
    I agree with Bromuch? It’s a highly political environment throughout the company. Charter in general is highly contractor dependent, something like 70%, people who get full time either get it through strong referral or have previously contracted. Can you mention which group in Charter? If it’s Video Operations, stay away! Unless you love being micro managed! Any other group is good, especially Product & Software Engineering! A junior manager has a base pay of 125k, so try to negotiate if it’s in Denver.
    Dec 5, 2019 0
  • Amazon Bromuch?
    We had a guy come away from spectrum to Amazon at director level. He didnt have a lot of great things to say about them,... something about it being super political.

    Maybe wait and just go to something like Amazon? At least you get paid 200+k.
    Dec 4, 2019 0


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