Data scientist at uber (accept/reject)

Bidgely btterchckn
Jan 14 23 Comments

Posting for a friend (in her own words)

Uber is offering entry level data scientist role ( entry level after PhD) Base being offered is too low. TC below
new TC - Base 125K sign on 20K
stocks 40K every year
Role is standard product experimentation A/b testing kinda role.

Current role - senior data scientist at startup. TC - 160K (-base 145K)

- Does uber always down level folks from smaller companies? My interview went really well. i had offer after 3 days. i am senior data scientist at my current company and have managed people before.
- how safe is this job? its in marketing analytics.
- The manager said promotions would have early next year.I wont see promotion at least till next year
- is it worth it get downleveled and keep looking or should i reject and keep looking?
- no other offers! :(


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  • Publicis Sapient Rolltha🎲
    I am hiring for a data scientist in Palo alto (possibly remote) right now. Can offer a better base than Uber and much more meaningful work. The company next to my name is not who I'm with now. I'd be glad to chat more.

    A director of engineering at Uber just joined our engineering leadership team. If you want to follow, send me a message.

    Uplevel, don't downlevel.
    Jan 14 0
  • Promo happens twice a year. But don’t expect a promo before a year. With a better expectation for 1.5 years.

    Base and stock can be moved up. This should be L4 as PhD entry level is L4. Can get to 130 base, 50k sign on and 70k stocks per year.

    Uber tried to get back to candidates very fast so don’t read into the 3 days.

    Job is pretty safe, DS is hard to find and is usually safe.

    How many YOE?
    Jan 14 8
    • That seems like a mistake by someone or not a DS role. Maybe they don’t count the PhD? As they didn’t have a DS1 until recently as that was for MA. I would ask again. Seems like we’re missing some info.
      Jan 14
    • For DS1 this is a good offer FYI
      Jan 14
  • Uber Rsdr86
    It seems low for DS L4. Are you sure you got an offer for DS not DA? Also big tech companies don’t care about your title at other companies. It’s your job to prove yourself during the interviews.
    Jan 14 4
    • Bidgely btterchckn
      Also role is Data scientist I . she is saying it is generally given to PhD entry level. So in summary not giving her credit for 2 YoE
      Jan 14
    • Uber Rsdr86
      Sorry. It’s just the reality. Also entry level offer for PhD is DS 2.
      Jan 15
  • Uber just doesn’t pay top of the market outside out hard to fill eng roles.

    Is is what is is. That offer is really bad for a PHD. They seem committed to not paying for top talent.
    Jan 14 1
    • Uber
      TC || 👉.


      TC || 👉. more
      It is what it is?
      Jan 15
  • Bank of The West / Data DataSassy
    Don't take the offer
    Feb 6 0
  • Bidgely btterchckn
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I will send her the link. Much appreciated.
    Jan 14 0
  • Amazon gtkgbfm
    Dara has trouble keeping his own job and Uber has job security for any role?
    Jan 14 0
  • Facebook


    Amazon, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company
    Seems low for a Ph.D., also why would they employ a senior data scientist in junior role? I'd reject if they are not willing to revise the salary and job level.
    Jan 14 0
  • Google Ben Dover.
    Entry level Data Analysts get somewhere around that. That number seems low for a data scientist (that too with a PhD)
    Jan 14 0
  • Uber pt0
    Is it worth it? It’s up to you. Is the job safe? Don’t think so
    Jan 14 0


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