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Why can China being a largely singular society create so many great companies like Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, JD, 163.com that have overall no racial and ethnically diversity in its workforce but yet achieved tremendous success in technology and business? On the contrary, I can hardly name any Indian company with this level of calibers...maybe Tata..I don’t know.

For example, Huawei has 700+ mathematician, 800+ physicists, 120+ chemists, 7000+ R&D scientific experts, 60,000+ senior engineers & engineers (think about where being an engineer land you in their bucket). No matter how the US as a country is trying to destroy Huawei which is so pathetic cuz we’re so afraid of losing the 5G race(which we pretty much already lost), but Huawei is thriving...wtf this is pathetic!

I dug a little into history. During the Korean war, China and North Korea alone fought a United Nations of 25 countries. At the time, China just came out of a civil war so essentially it was very weak. Imagine you and your brother fight 25 school bullies after running like 20 miles...so that was the kinda of situation. The end result was it was a draw! It’s incredible! They didn’t even have airplanes and tanks yet we had all the cool weapons. WTF!

My personal view is that China is just an incredible country and a great people. I don’t think DT’s trade war will hurt them as much as it hurts us. In fact, never once in history US was successful in bending China. In terms of corporate diversity, I see companies with lots of Chinese are more successful than the ones with very few of them, just my personal observations. Your thoughts?


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  • Microsoft TrumpWins
    They have unity. We have fake, forced diversity where everyone fights for themselves or their racial/sexual group rather than making great products.
    Jun 26, 2019 1
    • Expedia Lark71
      They proudly speak nationalistic, no PC crap, no forced gender balance. China d3fies all western theories.
      Jun 26, 2019
  • Huawei is your high mark? 🙄
    Jun 26, 2019 1
    • OP
      They’ll think I’m a spy...too easy to spot 😂
      Jun 26, 2019
  • Jun 26, 2019 0
  • Microsoft JwBM28
    I thought this was going to be a counterpoint argument to the d&i Kool-Aid we all get about how diverse teams make better products.
    Jun 26, 2019 2
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  • Microsoft tard
    All companies you have listed stole the idea of another company. The only reason they are successful is they stole someone else’s idea, and used the idea inside the country. They are essentially benefiting from the great firewall
    Jun 26, 2019 8
    • Microsoft tard
      It’s not hard to find the sources if you simply search “huawei reward program steal” on a search engine that is outside of the Great Fire Wall. But I doubt it matters because you already claim them to be fake news anyways. I feel sorry for Intel having an irrational employee like you, and I feel sorry for you as a human being.
      Jun 27, 2019
    • New nlfS37
      Huawei started as a value-added reseller of switches built in the west. Then they decided to build their own (by copying). The rest is history.
      Aug 18, 2019
  • New nlfS37
    The Chinese people are a very smart bunch. However, their culture has some fundamental weaknesses. I don't expect to see the Renaissance-like flowering in China (or in Asia in general). Chinese scientists are great at making things better. But true innovation requires a very different mentality that their culture does NOT tolerate. Their culture does not tolerate "outliers." I have spent a significant amount of time in the academic environment (research). One sees a lot of impressive papers coming out of China. But no ground breaking concepts. It's pretty sad.

    The average IQ of Asians is higher than that of the whites. But the former's standard deviation is narrower. There are fewer geniuses coming out of China. Combine this with a culture that absolutely does not tolerate unorthodox thinking, you'll have a civilization that excels in engineering. (The days of Spring and Autumn, arguably the most intellectually vibrant period in Chinese history, will probably never return.)

    The Chinese advances in genetic engineering and hypersonic engines are simply the result of government investments on a foundation that the West has laid. The Chinese model is throw money and people at a problem. It works for some time until existing ideas are fully milked. Then what?

    All Trump has to do is stop China from leveraging the west's research infrastructure and mind share, China will stagnate.
    Aug 18, 2019 0
  • SpaceX _ubilam_
    Jun 26, 2019 0
  • Akamai Technologies VmQQ44
    Most of China and the rest of Asian would be fishing villages if the US hadn’t outsourced everything. We really have only ourselves to blame.
    Jun 26, 2019 2
    • Autodesk sodjdjekrm
      Fishing villages sounds so much better than being a corporate/bank slave
      Jun 26, 2019
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Working on Brain Machine Interfaces
      Incorrect. They were going to ascend one way or another. There's a productivity equilibria dictated by geography, which controls population size and cities distribution.
      Jun 26, 2019
  • New nlfS37
    At one point, I was a bit tantalized by idea of joining one of those Chinese companies that have set up centers in the US (partly because i am a native speaker). But you know what, I abhor their company culture.

    I think if you still want to defend the western values for your children, you should not join a Chinese company and help China further destroy the west.

    I love America. People here have been great to me. To join a Chicom company and destroy my adoptive country is tantamount to treason.
    Aug 18, 2019 0


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