Does "New" T-Mobile Have a Chance?

Feb 4, 2019 9 Comments

So, not to bash on a company but I basically know no one that uses Sprint... I'm all for supporting the underdog but is this merger really going to give T-mobile/Sprint an edge against AT&T and Verizon? Would you be willing to switch to this new merged network provider? I read that this merger is supposed to create a crazy number of jobs...but isn't one of the main points of a merger to decrease operational costs? Have any of you guys worked for a company that merged or was acquired by another company? What was your experience during the process?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • New ktFx33
    T-Mobile is Germany’s att.. they’re serious
    Feb 4, 2019 0
  • Verizon / Eng IWorkAtFB
    Well Verizon is about to announce the merger with vodaphone. So idk how T-Mobile will beat that.
    Feb 4, 2019 2
    • Verizon zHkTFR
      Seriously? Haven't heard of this???
      Feb 5, 2019
    • Verizon / Eng IWorkAtFB
      Cray crazy right
      Feb 5, 2019
  • Microsoft Ulex82
    This isn’t a merger so much as a T-Mobile gets access to a band that doesn’t suck. It will help their coverage greatly even if nothing else changes.
    Feb 4, 2019 1
    • Amazon PoorM
      And they get a large customer base. say what you will about sprint: but they do have customers. Albeit inflated right now for their 12 months of free service deals....
      Feb 4, 2019
  • T-Mobile r5k2jda4
    The synergies are amazing for network expansion - looking good! Will pull a lot of customers over the next few years from ATT and Verizon.
    Feb 4, 2019 0
  • Verizon / Other

    Verizon Other

    Currently a tech master troubleshooting software at the network level for Apple & Google devices
    And we haven’t even paid off the first buyback from Vodaphone that occurred a few years ago 100B+ and we are agreeing to a new merger 🤔 makes sense for synergy and growth I guess. Along with the new products of cloud gaming vzg
    Feb 8, 2019 0
  • Google / Eng 🍑☁️
    They do have subscribers - and also own MetroPCS
    Feb 4, 2019 0


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