Dropbox cooldown

Jan 23 16 Comments

Is there a cooldown at dropbox? Recruiter didn’t mention anything in the rejection email.

I interviewed 4 months back for Apm, but now want to try out for the swe role.



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  • Dropbox slJO84
    There is no official cool down so it can’t hurt to ask.
    Jan 23 8
    • Dropbox VylQ78
      Also just know that most of our new grad positions are already filled by our returning interns so +1 on competition is intense
      Jan 24
    • Facebook zlatan123
      @VylQ78 It seems like most of the interns rejected their return offers. Idk how true it is but that's what I heard...
      That surprised me a lot since I at least look at Dropbox as a very good company for new grads.
      Jan 26
  • EATON / Eng Supreme.
    Phone or onsite reject? If phone, it's 1 yr.
    Jan 23 3
    • Facebook zlatan123
      Phone screen
      Didn't bomb my interview at all, it was a close call as per the recruiter's email.
      APM is 10x more competitive than SWE, even the slightest of things can lead to rejection
      Jan 23
    • Google Ben Dover.
      1 year for phone? I’m screwed 🥺😢
      Jan 23
  • Microsoft turtleback
    Just send in another application?
    Jan 23 1
  • My recruiter told me 12 months
    Jan 23 0


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