Employee is having a psychotic episode

New Dagny
Jan 4 5 Comments

One of my top people in my company, who is an independent contractor, is having a psychotic episode and is no longer in touch with reality. I believe mental illness is still an illness, and I would never break ties with someone bc they are sick. However, this person has a lot of upcoming work and said they would talk to us soon, but they have ghosted. They are booked for a lot of upcoming work. Im not sure how to handle this- any advice would be appreciated.


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  • PayPal ClBx75
    Sounds like you need to deal with this issue directly on Monday. Express your concern and ask how you can help. Sooner than later.

    Prepare to have others ready to take over this week. Suggest to the person to take it easy and move a lot work to others for the time being
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  • Bank of America Ptrk_B8man
    Divert his work to your other workers and be supportive but also cut your losses
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    • PayPal ClBx75
      Agreed. But OP also said “one of the top people.” Maybe just needs help for a bit and can still be an asset
      Jan 4
    • New UqmH75
      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
      Jan 4
  • Microsoft qv16g-6jhr
    Assume they’re not coming back, identify other resources, then reach out to them about your concerns and how you can help.

    If they’re not receptive and you think things can go south, get in touch with anyone you know in their personal life (partner, family, close friends). be sure to be respectful about this being a personal matter and be aware you may be over stepping.

    Good luck.
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