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New sLRg41
Jan 12 28 Comments

Hi, I am preparing for an onsite interview with FB for a Data Science, analytics role. In one of the interviews, you are given an open-ended question, and your task is to translate it to a structured data question and showcase your analytical¯ approach. A toy example is "Do siblings interact more or less on Facebook?". To solve that, one could think of 1) how to detect siblings, 2) how to quantify interactions 2) how to split the data (e.g., region, age) to provide actionable insight. What else could the interviewer expect?

Are there more examples like this that anyone could share? Is there anyone who could evaluate the responses to such questions and highlight things that the interviewers expect that may not be assumed? #facebookdatascientist #facebookinterview #facebookanalytics


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  • Facebook Pdefby
    The misinformation on Blind is strong. I'm DS FB Analytics - I have barely written 200 lines of sql in the past year and I'm an IC.

    That said, for the role, think "Data driven decision making". This means you should be able to synthesize situations into data problems and propose a solution. To prepare, just go through a number of situations. Knowing sql alone isn't going to do shit for you. Also make sure you know basic statistics - distributions, testing etc..

    Also, contrary to popular belief you don't need to do your interview in sql, you can do it in python or R - people often choose sql because it takes the coding out of it and the focus remains the business understanding of the problems and your data science skills.

    Don't understand the hatred on blind, but neither Facebook nor people in the role are idiots - and Facebook as a company certainly doesn't pay 400k salaries to people for running sql queries - its all about driving better, more data driven decisions.
    Jan 12 10
    • Facebook jonatha
      @Pdefby trying to make yourself feel better and smarter when you clearly know the position is a sql monkey role
      Jan 13
    • Cisco trowanb
      @Pdefby what’s WLB like for FB DS new grad? Is there still pressure to push new ideas/strategies and have impact or be PIPed?
      Feb 12
  • Oracle k5hB1
    Search SQL questions on Blind for resources beyond leetcode.

    To practice actual analytics, try case interview prep books. Same idea of breaking down a problem and identifying what a useful result would look like.

    The example you gave sounds like a stats question. Don't know if that's needed for the role, but unless someone shares otherwise, good idea to review basic stats and hypothesis testing.
    Jan 12 0
  • Facebook qfme48
    Don’t do it, FB DS Analytics is the biggest scam in the industry
    Jan 12 7
    • Cisco trowanb
      What’s the pay like for this role?
      Feb 12
    • Goldman Sachs fake engin
      I don't agree that the pay is good for analytics, pretty sure Uber DS comp is better. I had 130 base offers as a DS with 2 YoE, and FB would be barely more than that all in I think... If bottom of the level 4 band is 150, how high could the top of the band even go? 190?
      Feb 12
  • McKinsey daPanda🐼
    All of that to become a Sql monkey? Why?
    Jan 12 4
    • McKinsey daPanda🐼
      For me at this point it’s a been there done that kind of situation.. now looking to jump to product
      Jan 12
    • New ATkP35
      I am not sure if this the typical candidate for this role. Maybe you are referring to people who haven't researched the role enough. In the job description, there is no mention of ML. I wouldn't choose this role If I'd wanted to do more ML. But working with ML teams and experimenting with ML product features is definitely part of this role. This is where I see myself at, and that's why I am applying.
      Jan 12
  • Facebook Pdefby
    Well again, make sure it's right org, there are some lower paying data science roles here as well.

    The distinction is whether or not you're part of core xfn team for a product. You are the one setting goals, supporting product strategies etc.. Usually Eng and pm at Facebook will need DS sign-off on goals. If you are not that DS, then that's some other data science role at FB.
    Jan 12 0
  • McKinsey daPanda🐼
    That sounds like a fun role what’s your background?
    Jan 12 1
    • New sLRg41
      This is the standard FB DS role that many people complain about containing too much SQL :'D. My background is swe, ml and for the past couple of year DS, algorithms and analytics.
      Jan 12


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