Facebook E5 offer

Mar 15, 2018 35 Comments

Got an acceptance from Fb for E5 SDE role. What do I expect comp wise? Dont have competing offers.
My current comp is in 180K range.
Location: Seattle.

Also, will Salary differ if I move to Bay area vs Seattle for FB? I heard FB salaries are not location specific atleast in US.


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  • Toast / Eng XkhB43
    FB salaru s are definitely location specific. There will be a cost of living adjustment depending on where you work and your signing bonus could also be affected
    Mar 15, 2018 12
    • Toast / Eng

      Toast Eng

      I actually am a new hire at Facebook. I do agree that Seattle and MPK have the same salary but I don't work out of either of those offices. When comparing salaries with others this was my experience. I was told by my recruiter that the compensation team does in fact take location into consideration.
      Mar 16, 2018
    • Apple jvSQ82
      But cost of labor is lost specific right? Cost of labor is cheap in third world country so salaries would be dependent on location
      Mar 27, 2018
  • Amazon HailAr!!
    What is the vesting schedule?
    Mar 15, 2018 6
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      developers developers developers
      So 400 stocks over 4 years, equal amount each quarter?
      Mar 15, 2018
    • Amazon HailAr!!
      The worst part about amzn comp is, u gotta wait till year 3 and 4 to get real value of stocks.. till then your salary remains kinda static..
      When I joined amzn, I thought I was making good money till I realized what Goog and Fb can pay.. even If I go to L6, I wont be able to then match with fb.
      Mar 15, 2018
  • Google Facebook
    170 base
    15% bonus
    400 stock
    25 sign on
    No difference between US locations.
    Mar 15, 2018 2
    • E5? This sounds pretty good.
      Mar 15, 2018
    • Snapchat Snapped;
      Sign on could easily be pushed to 50. Also ask for 450 stock
      Mar 15, 2018
  • Amazon HailAr!!
    Is 300K a norm at FB?
    Surprised actually, i havent seen new hire L5s at amzn breach 300k mark.. in fb if it is a norm, Amzn surely have to update their comp model.
    Mar 15, 2018 2
    • L5 fb and amazon are different levels.
      Mar 15, 2018
    • Facebook sunday!
      E5 at fb is like l6 amazon
      Mar 15, 2018
  • Facebook dXy349
    My prediction:
    185 base
    15% bonus
    360 rsu
    10k sign on
    Mar 15, 2018 0
  • Best time to join. Stock is at a discount.
    Mar 25, 2018 0
  • Facebook pir@te1
    L5 at AmaZon maps to e4 at fb
    Mar 22, 2018 0
  • Facebook sunday!
    How many years of experience?
    Mar 15, 2018 0
  • Dropbox / Eng
    Do they know your current level? Might lowball you if that's the case since they're familiar with comp ranges at that level. Also, if you don't have any other offers on the table
    Mar 15, 2018 0
  • Twitter / Eng CGXr42
    No sure but congrats. You might need looking at least 300k up TC
    Mar 15, 2018 0


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