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Raytheon zoUl54
Sep 28, 2019 15 Comments

FPGA Developer
YOE: 2
TC: 101k

Trying to break into the HFT space or fintech generally. Seems like FPGA roles are limited (one "guru" per company, limited support team), but very well compensated at senior levels. Am I wrong?

Can anyone give insight on what it's like working in development for these firms (FPGA or general)? Prop firms or market makers.

(1) How is the knowledge transfer among the dev teams?
(2) I understand long hours per week... 50, 60, more?
(3) I understand NDAs are common, what about non-compete agreements?
(4) Do you think this a sustainable career path overall?

@ Hudson River Trading, Two Sigma Securities, Tower Research Capital, Citadel Securities, Jane Street, JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Susquehanna International Group (SIG), QuantLab, IMC Financial Markets, DRW Trading, Optiver, Jump Trading, XR Trading, Simplex, DV Trading, etc.


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  • Citadel Securities / Eng bluetiger
    1. Teams are generally collaborative from what I’ve seen. Can be somewhat secretive and competitive between teams, but less true for devs.
    2. I think around 50 is average, above 60 would be rare and not expected. Somewhat team and company dependent of course.
    3. Non-competes are very common in the industry - expect at least a year of non-compete, usually base is fully paid but no bonus.
    4. Pretty sustainable - HFT is overall a very stable business, especially at the larger and more established players.
    Sep 28, 2019 7
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. WXia81
      Worked for 30 years for desco too, and then it suddenly didn’t.
      Sep 29, 2019
    • Hudson River Trading MHBQ16
      I agree with @janestreet re. 45/hours and with citadel about the rest. We have non-competes ranging from 6 mo to 1.5 yr
      Oct 4, 2019
  • Cisco EaiF74
    FPGA and finance don’t correlate. Am I missing something
    Sep 28, 2019 6


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