Front-end dev with ~1 yoe, looking for a switch in Bangalore.

Jan 13 6 Comments

I'm a front-end developer, been working on React and Redux(basically MERN stack) for ~1 year now. I'm looking to switch, been leetcoding for the last 4 months, solved ~50 problems.

I'm trying to interview for startups in Bangalore, only to get rejected due to my lack of coding background professionally as well as academically(have a degree in electronics engineering).

Would really appreciate it if someone can help me understand how should I prepare for the next interview in order to get a job ~15lpa in the next couple of months.

~1 yr,
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  • OCC qCnw83
    Leetcode, son.
    Jan 13 2
    • Cisco fcous
      For faang, yeah. But startups they look at my portfolio, which at the moment has very few projects
      Jan 13
    • OCC qCnw83
      Any decent company wouldn't expect a whole lot from 1 YOE resume. Leetcode on the other hand will prep you to answer questions better. Just go for it.
      Jan 13
  • New / Eng UDRV12
    Hey! PM me. I can get you a referral.
    Jan 13 1
    • Cisco fcous
      Awesome!! Sent a DM
      Jan 13
  • New / IT

    New IT

    Pani chusko ra
    Even I am in the same situation will try to do more coding and then try to apply for in big tech companies. Projects are important for since we are from non-cs background.. anyway all the best
    Jan 13 0


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