Google APM Onsite offer %

Jan 6 5 Comments

I understand they only take around 45 people.

During the application window, more than 8000 people apply.

A lot of them get phone interviews. Some get into the onsite round. Very few get offers.

I’m interested to see what portion of those who got onsite actually end up making it in. Anyone have any information or educated guesses about this?


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  • Thats hard to say, no one has exact data, i read somewhere the success rate is 0.1%. Why dont you start a poll and find yourself!
    Jan 6 1
  • Microsoft / Product LiittleJ
    I heard for Uber APM it's around 25%-33%. Don't think Google would interview more than 200 people for the role so similar?

    Would also depend when the take home assignment gets done. Is it before or after the final round?
    Jan 6 2
    • OP
      Before! It counts as part of your onsite. How many people are in the uber apm class?
      Jan 6
    • Microsoft / Product LiittleJ
      Last couple years its been around 10
      Jan 6


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