Google: Not called for interview even though last time was on-site - normal?

New BxcD24
Jan 22 5 Comments

Was on-site for uni graduate back in 2016, 4/5 interviews went really well, last, not so much. No offer. Had a referral.

Same referral, applied for a (non uni graduate obviously) SWE, rejected without interview after two days. No reason given. Kinda bummed. Same resume as last time + 2 year FAANG position and another well known company.

Isn't it strange that they didn't go "oh this dude went to on-site last time, let's see what he's got now"?

Bad timing? Another guy already got the job? Were they expecting a better resume?

FWIW, I didn't provide a cover letter as it says they don't care for it.

How long do I have to wait to reapply in this case? Big G is really my goal


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  • Timing suggests that they just found someone else
    Jan 22 1
    • New BxcD24
      Would I still have to wait that 6-12 month before reapplying? Seems kinda odd if that was the case
      Jan 22
  • Which non-US office? Is it EU office?
    Jan 22 2
    • New BxcD24
      Jan 22
    • My recruiter from G told me that G offices in Poland and Sweden are quite hungry for new headcount. So I don't think that your issue is connected offices not needing headcount.
      Jan 22


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